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Moving to Singapore From Australia

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Are you planning on moving to Singapore from Australia? Why wouldn’t you, given that Singapore is one of the worlds top expat destinations. It’s a great choice as Singapore and Australia have a close trading relationship and also English is the official language in Singapore. However, there are definitely somethings that you might like to know before moving to Singapore such as moving costs and work permits. Well, we’ve put it all into a useful moving to Singapore guide, checklist included!

Cost of shipping to Singapore

On your move to Singapore, the first thing you’ll want to know is the cost, or so we’d imagine. Even if you’re flushed for cash, you’ll still need to make a budget for your move. Thus, let’s jump into the numbers!

Just before we get to those numbers, we’d like to take a second to mention some of the factors that will affect how much shipping to Singapore costs. The main factors are the cost of container shipping, the distance of a move, the volume of your belongings, the season (June, July and August are busy months), and your choice of removalist.

Of course, if you want to know even more about the cost factors, check out our page on international moving costs. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

Finally, we’ve made it to the estimated costs. Please note that these are just estimates, and the actual price will differ since these numbers are based on moving from Sydney to Singapore. But these numbers should give you a good idea of the cost of moving from Australia to Singapore.

Household sizeCost
1-bed house$900 – $1,475
3-bed house$1,715 – $2,360
5-bed house$2,950 – $3,650

Disclaimer. The numbers above are just estimates. Shipping to Singapore costs will vary based on various factors.

Top Removalists to Singapore

Are you searching for removalists to Singapore? You’re in the right place. Take a look at the 3 best international removal companies from Australia to Singapore:

1. OSS World Wide Movers

2. Allied Pickfords

3. Palmers Relocation

We’re sure that seeing how affordable a move to Singapore from Australia is, you’re ready to immediately book a removalist. So, request free removal quotes by fill out the form below, now!

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How to move to Singapore

Visas for Singapore

If you plan on living, working, and or studying in Singapore, you’ll need to apply for an Employment Pass (a work visa). However, your employer must apply for your Employment Pass with you or on your behalf.

Once you have held this pass for at least 6 months, you then have the right to apply for permanent residency. Most people don’t apply for this visa until they have lived and worked in Singapore for a few years.

Checklist for moving to Singapore

Once you’ve sorted your visa, the next thing to do is to actually move, and there’s a lot to do, trust us. Thus, to help you navigate your way through your move to Singapore, we’ve compiled this trusty checklist.

Before moving:

✔️Find a removalist

If want to move your personal belongings, then you’ll want a removalist. Be it shipping from Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne to Singapore, we recommend you consider one of the top international removalists.


Before you can start shipping your belongings from Australia to Singapore, you’ll need to pack. However, packing can be difficult and stressful. So, check out our expert packing guide, it’s a must-read for tips and tricks that’ll make packing easier.

️Important documents

To make moving to Singapore from Australia easier, we advise that you promptly get the following documents in order. Having them at the ready will save you so much time, just be sure to keep them safe and make duplicates!

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
  • University Degree(s)
  • Police Background Check
  • Work Permit

️Taxes and Superannuation

This is nobody’s favorite subject, but we must mention it. There are some considerations that need to be taken depending on the duration of your stay and your intention. You may still be liable to make a tax return in Australia based on your tax residency.

About your superannuation, remains subject to the same rules and will not be released until you retire or fulfill another condition of release.


The healthcare system in Singapore is among one of the best in the world. Both public and private healthcare are similar in cost. Anyone earning a decent salary normally opts for private cover just to cut down on waiting times. It is important to take out a comprehensive health insurance policy as expats do not qualify for the subsidies that locals and citizens are entitled to.

️Moving to the Singapore with pets?

Your adorable furry friend doesn’t need to be left behind as you can move to Singapore with your pets. The first thing to do is ensure your accommodation in Singapore allows  pets! After that, you can visit the Singaporean Animal and Veterinary Service’s website for more information.


One thing that you’ll want to have access to is your money, so considering your banking options should be key. One thing you can do is ask your bank if they operate in Singapore. Otherwise, you can open an account with a local bank, and we recommend considering one of the following:

We’re sure that you find this moving to the Singapore checklist. Of course, if you want another checklist with even more things to do before moving, check out our moving overseas checklist, it’s a lifesaver!

Life in Singapore

Singapore ranks third in the world for life expectancy and boasts one of the highest per-capita GDPs in the world. Taxes are high and crime is very low. Singapore is known for receiving high-ranking marks for education, technology, health care and quality of life. A great place to move to and start your life as an Australian expat!

Cost-of-living in Singapore

Unfortunately, life in such a great city comes at a premium. But it’s definitely worth it. Look below for a cost-of-living comparison between Sydney and Singapore.

1-bed city centre$2,650$2,850
3 bed city centre$4,900$5,400
Basic utilities$180$160
Bottle of wine$16$30
Local cheese$11$27

Working in Singapore as an Australian

Singapore is a hub for the financial, manufacturing and digital sectors. If you are moving to Singapore for work, definitely check out the Ministry of Manpower’s in-demand skills list. The Singaporean government are always actively looking to attract ‘foreign talent’ through initiatives run by the Ministry of Manpower.

To kickstart you job search, you can use the following sites to help you find a job:

Ready for your move to Singapore?

Crickey! That was a long read, but you’ve made it to the end. By now, you should be ready to move to Singapore with all the know-how you’ve learned by reading this article.

But just before you finish, we’ve linked a few articles down below that you might find useful. So, be sure to give them a read. And hey, good luck with your move.