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Interstate Moving Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Move Interstate?

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Finding it hard to work out your interstate moving costs? Want to organise an interstate move that won’t break the bank?  In an effort to relieve your anxieties about interstate removal costs, this page outlines what you need to know about state to state mover costs, to ensure your removal is smooth-sailing. Sirelo is here to help you move with a smile 🙂

We understand that working out the cheapest way to move interstate can be stressful. Check out our step by step moving house guide for expert advice on what you should be doing and when for your interstate move.

Interstate Moving Costs

By far the biggest expense of your move will be hiring an interstate removalist. Prices differ depending on the volume of your move and your destination. It is therefore difficult to provide exact numbers on interstate moving costs especially if you need different services like a shipping container or special care packing. However, to give you a kick start, the tables blow indicate the average costs to move interstate in Australia, for a two-bedroom house.

Cost of Moving to Victoria

Western Australia (Perth)Melbourne$2,100 – $3,005~$2,552
South Australia (Adelaide)Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375~$1,937
New South Wales (Sydney)Melbourne$1,350 – $2,000~$1,675
Queensland (Brisbane)Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375~$1,937
Northern Territory (Darwin)Melbourne$3,070 – $3,795~$3,432
Tasmania (Hobart)Melbourne$2,400 – $3,875~$3,137

Cost of Moving to New South Wales/ Australian Capital Territory

Western Australia (Perth)Sydney$2,550 – $3,415~$2,982
South Australia (Adelaide)Sydney$2,325 – $3,625~$2,975
Victoria (Melbourne)Sydney$1,350 – $2,000~$1,675
Queensland (Brisbane)Sydney$1,275 – $2,000~$,1637
Northern Territory (Darwin)Sydney$3,730 – $4,580~$4,155
Tasmania (Hobart)Sydney$2,700 – $4,375~$3,537

Cost of moving to Queensland

Western Australia (Perth)Brisbane$2,925 – $4,675~$3,800
Southern Australia (Adelaide)Brisbane$2,775 – $4,250~$3,512
Victoria (Melbourne)Brisbane$1,650 – $2,500~$2,075
New South Wales (Sydney)Brisbane$1,275 – $2,000~$1,637
Northern Territory (Darwin)Brisbane$4,410 – $5,260~$4,835
Tasmania (Hobart)Brisbane$3,000 – $4,875~$3,937

Cost of moving to Northern Territory

Western Australia (Perth)Darwin$5,100 – $6,585~$5,842
South Australia (Adelaide)Darwin$3,075 – $5,000~$4,037
Victoria (Melbourne)Darwin$4,500 – $6,315~$5,407
New South Wales (Sydney)Darwin$5,175 – $7,230~$6,202
Queensland (Brisbane)Darwin$4,275 – $6,750~$5,512
Tasmania (Hobart)Darwin$6,750 – $9,260~$8,005

Cost of moving to Western Australia

South Australia (Adelaide)Perth$2,325 – $3,750~$3,037
Victoria (Melbourne)Perth$2,325 – $3,750~$3,037
New South Wales (Sydney)Perth$2,925 – $4,750~$3,837
Queensland (Brisbane)Perth$3,525 – $5,500~$4,512
Northern Territory (Darwin)Perth$4,725 – $5,640~$5,182
Tasmania (Hobart)Perth$4,575 – $7,375~$5,182

Cost of moving to South Australia

Western Australia (Perth)Adelaide$3,675 – $5,750~$4,712
Victoria (Melbourne)Adelaide$2,325 – $4,000~$3,162
New South Wales (Sydney)Adelaide$2,100 – $3,195~$2,647
Queensland (Brisbane)Adelaide$2,625 – $3,825~$3,225
Northern Territory (Darwin)Adelaide$1,500 – $2,375~$1,927
Tasmania (Hobart)Adelaide$2,475 – $3,690~$3,082

Cost of moving to Tasmania

Western Australia (Perth)Hobart$4,425 – $6,195~$,5310
South Australia (Adelaide)Hobart$3,825 – $6,000~$4,912
Victoria (Melbourne)Hobart$2,625 – $4,000~$3,312
New South Wales (Sydney)Hobart$3,000 – $4,750~$3,875
Queensland (Brisbane)Hobart$3,900 – $5,535~$4,717
Northern Territory (Darwin)Hobart$6,135 – $6,985~$6,560

Disclaimer: keep in mind that these costs are estimates. For a more precise interstate moving cost calculator, be sure to request moving quotes

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Insurance Costs

While your interstate removalist costs will make up the bulk of your overall budget, we regret to inform you that spending will not stop there. One moving cost that is crucial to think about is insurance. Having your household belongings in the hands of someone else is stressful. Do yourself a favour and put your mind at ease: insure your belongings!

If you opt for a full insurance package, it could cost up to 4% of the value of your goods. So that’s $2,000 for full insurance coverage, if your estimated household value is $50,000. Bear in mind that, like any other service, there are cheaper going rates, it just depends on how much of a risk you want to take when moving interstate.

Flights and Accommodation

This might seem obvious, but it’s no good transporting your things if you can’t get there too! Therefore, be sure to factor this in when calculating your interstate moving costs. Depending on your budget and logistical details, you have a couple of options:

  • Driving: don’t forget, our Land Down Under is big! However, if the distance you are travelling isn’t too far, driving might be an option. If this is what you choose to do, remember to factor in fuel costs, along with any nights of accommodation you might need to rest along the way.

Sirelo tip! Driving to your destination can be a great way to save on your interstate moving costs if you need to transport a vehicle – it means one less delivery service to pay for!

  • Flying: if driving doesn’t float your boat (no pun intended), you could fly directly to your destination. This method is nearly always quicker, but can become more expensive, especially if you have a big family. Also note: you may have to book a couple of nights of accommodation while you wait for your removalists to catch up with you. Be sure to book flights early to get the best deal and keep your interstate moving costs low!

Transporting Your Pets

If the distance is short, and there’s space in your car, your furry friends can happily ride along. However, if not, pet-delivery services might be something you have to add to the list of interstate moving costs. Much like calculating other interstate moving costs, the final price will depend on the specific needs of your pet, and the distance of the travel. As a rough estimate, Uship sets the average cost of longer distance deliveries to be $350 to $600, and shorter distance pet transport to be $100 to $300.

Storage and Utilities Costs

While we wish we could say that all moves run seamlessly, interstate house moves can often encounter hiccups. Some goods may need to temporarily be held in storage, which can cost up to $400 a month depending on your location….and that’s without insurance!

Another interstate moving cost you might not have considered is setting up your utilities at your new house. Services like gas, electricity, water and Wi-Fi will need to be set up once you move into your new home. If you’re lucky, you might have the option to transfer your current service provider to your new home, but don’t bank on this! Check out our Moving House Utilities guide for more information.

Boxes and Packing for Your Interstate Move

Moving boxes are a must if you are packing yourself. They are usually between $4 to $17 depending on the size and style of box you choose. But that’s not the only packing material you’ll need! Bubble wrap, tape, mattress covers and cable ties are all necessary to pack efficiently. Overall, expect to spend around $100 for a full set of packing boxes and supplies. Check out our helpful packing guide for more advice on DIY packing 🙂

If you’re looking for professionals to move and pack your belongings for you, this usually comes at an additional cost and it not included in the original moving quote. Be sure to ask for this service in order to receive accurate quotes!

Sirelo Top Tip: Check out our 6 unmissable moving house tips to ensure you have a successful and safe interstate move!

Interstate Moving Costs: A Summary

Now you have a better understanding of the average costs of moving interstate in Australia, we hope you are feeling a little more at ease about your move. By far the biggest portion of your interstate moving costs will be the removalist services. Other costs are largely dependent on your situation and how much you are willing to pay for things (e.g. full insurance vs limited coverage). All things considered, we recommend you budget somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000.

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