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Interstate Moving Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Move Interstate?

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Read on interstate moving costs state-to-state, advice on saving some money when moving within Australia and costs for additional services you may need. If you’re already searching for a moving company, keep reading as well!

Interstate Moving and Removalist Costs

The costs to move interstate can range from $1,600 to $8,000.

Depending on your origin and destination and other factors such as hiring services like a shipping container or special packing care can make your final cost fluctuate.

Read on rates and information about the main factors affecting the final price.

To give you a kick start, below you can find the average costs to move interstate in Australia, for a two-bedroom house.

Moving to Perth – Western Australia

On average, removalist prices to Perth range from $2,325 to $7,375.

Find below the average moving prices to Perth:

  • Brisbane to Perth: $4,512
  • Melbourne to Perth: $3,037
  • Sydney to Perth: $3,837
  • Adelaide to Perth: $3,037
  • Darwin to Perth: $5,182
  • Tasmania to Perth: $5,182

The cheapest way to move from east coast cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Perth is by sharing a container. Usually, removalists offer this service for those who don’t have enough belongings to fill in a full container, sharing the space – and costs – with people moving to similar destinations as yours.

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Moving to Brisbane – Queensland

The cost of relocating a house to Brisbane, Queensland can fluctuate between $1,275 and $4,875.

Find below the average moving prices to Brisbane:

  • Perth to Brisbane: $3,800
  • Melbourne to Brisbane: $2,075
  • Sydney to Brisbane: $1,637
  • Adelaide to Brisbane: $3,512
  • Darwin to Brisbane: $4,835
  • Tasmania to Brisbane: $3,937
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If you move within the East Coast, for example, from Melbourne, the cheapest way to move is by road. You can either hire a van and move it yourself – you will save some bucks but the effort and time required is also higher – or hire a moving company that can bring your items to Brisbane.

Get expert advice on how to arrange everything before making an interstate move.

Moving to Sydney – New South Wales

A furniture removal to Sydney can cost you around $1,350 to $4,580.

Find below the average moving prices to Sydney:

  • Perth to Sydney: $2,982
  • Melbourne to Sydney: $1,675
  • Adelaide to Sydney: $2,975
  • Brisbane to Sydney: $1,637
  • Darwin to Sydney: $4,155
  • Tasmania to Sydney: $3,537
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Hiring a cost-effective removalist can be challenging. We recommend requesting removal quotes from different companies to compare prices and services – You’ll be able to find the cheapest and most reputable.

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Moving to Hobart – Tasmania

Price removals to Tasmania can vary from $2,625 to $6,985.

Find below the average moving prices to Tasmania:

  • Perth to Tasmania: $,5310
  • Melbourne to Tasmania: $3,312
  • Sydney to Tasmania: $3,875
  • Adelaide to Tasmania: $4,912
  • Darwin to Tasmania: $6,560
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You can decide between different shipping methods. The most common ones are by sea or air freight. If you’re searching for the cheapest way to move to Tasmania, containers are you’re option. However, keep in mind it’s also slower.

Moving to Melbourne – Victoria

Removalist costs to Melbourne may vary from $1,350 to $3,875.

Find below the average moving prices to Melbourne:

  • Perth to Melbourne: $2,552
  • Sydney to Melbourne: $1,675
  • Adelaide to Melbourne: $1,937
  • Brisbane to Melbourne: $1,937
  • Darwin to Melbourne: $3,432
  • Tasmania to Melbourne: $3,137
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Moving to Adelaide – South Australia

The average removal cost to move to Adelaide ranges from $1,500 to $5,750.

Find below the average moving prices to Adelaide:

  • Perth to Adelaide: $4,712
  • Melbourne to Adelaide: $3,162
  • Sydney to Adelaide: $2,647
  • Brisbane to Adelaide: $3,225
  • Darwin to Adelaide: $1,927
  • Tasmania to Adelaide: $3,082
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Moving to Darwin – Northern Territory

The prices to hire a removalist to Darwin, Tasmania, can vary from $3,075 to $9,260.

Find below the average moving prices to Darwin:

  • Perth to Darwin: $5,842
  • Melbourne to Darwin: $5,407
  • Sydney to Darwin: $6,202
  • Brisbane to Darwin: $5,12
  • Adelaide to Darwin: $4,037
  • Tasmania to Darwin: $8,005
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Disclaimer: keep in mind that all the costs above are estimates. For a more precise interstate moving cost calculator, request moving quotes.

Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Interstate in Australia

While some aspects are difficult to control (e.g. distance to your destination) you can still do some things to lower your moving costs:

  1. Moving in low season – Choosing winter or autumn over summer will decrease the costs.
  2. Sell or give away furniture – See it as an opportunity to get rid of useless stuff. The less you bring, the cheaper will be the move.
  3. Compare removalists – Request removal quotes from removalists to compare prices and services. Reading online reviews can also help you find the best service-price ratio.
  4. Share space – Whether it’s a truck or a container, you can share costs with others by transporting your items together.

Cheapest Way to Move Boxes Interstate

Moving boxes cost around $4 to $17. Adding bubble wrap, tape, and mattress covers… you’ll end up spending around $100 for a full set of packing boxes and supplies.

If you want to save some money, you will need to reduce your items – The less stuff, the fewer boxes. You can also reuse other containers you may have around. Finding free boxes around your local marketplaces should also be easy and a great option.

DIY packing? Better get some advice on how to pack efficiently.

Interstate Moving Services

If you’re looking for Australian interstate removalists, find the best-rated companies below. Read about their services, and reviews from customers and request quotes.

Top 3 Interstate Moving Companies

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Costs To Move a Car Interstate

The estimated cost to transport a car interstate is around $1,050 to almost $3,000.

The distance, vehicle conditions and size, or even extra costs such as insurance or customs clearance can also affect the final price. The shipping method also matters:

  • Budget-friendly: shipping your vehicle by sea is the most economical choice.
  • Good speed-cost ratio: a train is a good alternative for short distances and medium-price.
  • High-value vehicles and urgency: air is the priciest, but the most secure as well.

Pet Transport Interstate Prices Australia

Shipping your dog to another state, Uship sets the average cost of longer distance deliveries to be $350 to $600, and shorter distance pet transport to be $100 to $300.

If the distance is short, and there’s space in your car, your furry friends can happily ride along. However, if not, pet-delivery services might be something you have to add to the list of interstate moving costs.

Additional Costs

  • Move and packing services: Professionals can help you pack your belongings, but usually comes at an additional cost not included in the original moving quote. Be sure to ask for this service to receive accurate quotes.
  • Insurance: If you opt for a full insurance package, it could cost up to 4% of the value of your goods. So that’s $2,000 for full insurance coverage if your estimated household value is $50,000.
  • Flights and accommodation: If the distance is not too far, driving may be an option. Take into account fuel costs, along with any nights of accommodation you might need. If not possible, flying will always be quicker, but more expensive.
  • Storage and utility costs: Items to be held in storage temporarily can cost up to $400 a month depending on your location. Keep in mind all utilities to be set: gas, electricity Wi-Fi, etc.

Interstate Moving Costs: A Summary

By far the biggest portion of your interstate moving costs will be the removalist services. Other costs are largely dependent on your situation and how much you are willing to pay for things (e.g. full insurance vs limited coverage). All things considered, we recommend you budget somewhere between $6,000 and $15,000.

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