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House Removal Costs (2024)

How Much Does it Cost to Move Home?

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If you are considering moving house, we imagine removal costs are at the forefront of your concerns. Read on for information on removalist prices, as well as money-saving tips and how to move guide.

Costs of Moving Home

Average costs of removals for a 3-bedroom house can range from $1,500 to $2,200 for a move in the same state.

The table below indicates the average removal costs for various household sizes:

Size of HouseholdAverage Fixed Rate
One Bedroom$400-$450
Two Bedroom$500-$550
Three Bedroom$775-$830
Four Bedroom$900-$950

Calculate the volume of your household goods to get accurate rates with our furniture volume calculator.

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How to Find Cheap Removals

Finding cheap moving services takes time. Follow these suggestions on how to save on the costs of removalists:

  • Move during off-peak times – Avoid weekends and holidays
  • Request quotes from different removalists to compare companies and choose the best option
  • Sell belongings that you no longer want – It will lower the volume and therefore, the removal costs
  • Hire a removalist only for bulky items that you can’t move
  • Pack yourself – Read our guide on packing to move house
  • Save on moving materials where you can – Gather boxes from local supermarkets, and old newspapers, and pack fragile items in blankets.

Help With Moving Costs

You may be eligible to get help with removal costs by the Australian Government if:

  • You need to relocate for work
  • You move to start studying or training
  • You live in a remote or rural area
  • You are a first-time homebuyer

Some requirements are necessary to meet. Find all the information in detail on the Moving House Government page.

Moving Home Fees

To break down the costs of house removal, below you can find the prices removal companies usually set for each service they offer:

Basic Removal Services$800-$1,050
Packing Materials$0-$150
Disassembly & Reassembly$100-$200
Storage (1 Month)$100-$150
Professional Cleaning$280-$350

Please note: these figures are based on the average moving cost across Australia. You’ll find that removal costs in Sydney, Brisbane, and other large cities will be higher.

Read our guide step-by-step to move your furniture without any damages.

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How to Relocate a House

  1. Budget and Plan: Assess all the costs including the removal services, materials you may need, transportation or other unexpected costs.
  2. Hire a house moving company: Coordinate your preferred dates to make your move.
  3. Pack and organize: Prepare all the belongings you’re taking with you or leaving behind.
  4. Change address: Notify the parties involved and update your address on official documents.
  5. Set the groundwork for your new location: Research local establishments and familiarize yourself with your future surroundings.
Learn how to transfer your utilities when moving within Australia.

Factors affecting average removal costs

  • Ease of access to your house – Furthermore, a parking permit could be required, adding $50 on average to your bill.
  • Minimum hours – most removalists will charge you for a minimum of 2-4 hours—just something to bear in mind.
  • Time of move – Weekend or other peak times, your removal costs can be higher. Summer usually comes with extra costs as is the time when they’re the busiest.
  • Storage – Those who use storage when moving often leave items in storage for longer, and it quickly adds up.
  • Special care – Paintings, pianos, or even your pet, can add $150-$500 of extra fees to your final price.
  • Insurance – Optional, however, it may be best to accept or acquire content insurance from a third party.

So, What’s Next?

To ensure you have gathered everything you need to know about moving, not just the average costs of removalists, explore our website for other useful pages. Check out the articles and FAQ section below.

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