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When it comes to moving house, knowing the volume of your furniture will be useful for you and your removalist, volume is a major factor in local, interstate, and international moves! However, trying to figure out how to calculate the cubic metres of your furniture can be complex. Fortunately, Sirelo is here with a removal volume calculator that is straightforward and easy to use. It will save you heaps of time!

Sirelo’s furniture volume calculator

With Sirelo’s furniture volume calculator, you can find out the total volume of your furniture in cubic metres (m³) in a matter of clicks. But how do you use the tool? It’s easy really, just follow our three steps below!

  1. Click all the personal belongings you intend on taking with you to add them.
  2. The calculator will then automatically provide you with the estimated volume of your move.
  3. You can then send it to your email for safekeeping, or directly request quotes through Sirelo!

How best to use the estimate for the volume of your furniture

Now that you’ve used our furniture removal volume calculator and received a volume estimate, what do you do next? We recommend that you take the volume of your furniture and use it to request quotes!

With a good estimate for the volume of your furniture, removalists can provide you with more accurate removal quotes. That makes comparing removalists even easier! If you want to start comparing removalists that can help you, just click below!

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Why use a furniture volume calculator?

Every move is unique, and the two biggest factors that differ with each move are distance and volume. Distance is easy to account for since it’s point A to point B. However, the volume is trickier. While two moves might be for a 3-bedroom, if one is the home of a hoarder and the other a minimalist, the volume simply isn’t comparable.

Therefore, using a furniture removal volume calculator is an effective way to get accurate moving costs when requesting quotes. Removalists will be better able to assess the cost of moving the volume of furniture that you own.

Disclaimer!: Our removal volume calculator gives you an estimated volume of your move. Removalists will usually arrange a moving survey for a more precise calculation and noting any items that may present a challenge.

Applying the estimate from the furniture volume calculator

After going through the trouble of using our furniture removal volume calculator, you might enjoy even more numbers! It won’t be that bad, just a breakdown as to the size of vehicle or container that you might need whether you move DIY or with the help of a removalist.

Domestic and interstate moving

It might be a bit presumptuous to add interstate moving here. Often, an interstate move can often toe the line between using a road vehicle or needing to use a container. Alas, that’s more of an aside.

However, if you can drive from your current home to your new house, you can use the estimate from the furniture volume calculator to see which size of road vehicle would work best for your move. We also included rental costs!

Van TypeCapacity m3Rental Cost Per Day
1 Tonne Van4.4$75+
Hitop Van9.8$95+
4.2 Moving Van19$150+
6.4 Moving Van34$200+

⚠️ Be aware: If you are moving interstate, some companies will require that you return the moving truck or van to the point of pickup, which is quite inconvenient. However, some companies allow for return in another state, but this does come at a premium!

International moving

For international moves, and some interstate moves, you’ll be shipping your furniture in a container. Shipping containers come in two different sizes: 20ft and 40ft. How do you know which size you’ll need? Well, since you used our furniture removal volume calculator, it’s very easy!

For a 20ft container, the max volume for shipping is 33.0m2. While a 40ft container can fit a volume of furniture less than 76.0m2. See how easy our removal volume calculator made that?

Of course, when it comes to containers, calculating the volume for shipping is your only concern. You likely want to know how much it could cost! If that’s the case, then you can read more on our container shipping costs page.

Should you hire a removalist?

That is a very good question, and the truth is that it really depends on your move. If you’re only moving in your local area with a small volume, such that the estimate from the furniture removal volume calculator is less than the capacity of a 1 tonne van. It’s probably best to roll up your sleeves and do a DIY job.

However, for a more complicated removal that involves a larger volume and going further afield, you’ll save yourself time, hassle, and likely money by choosing to seek help from a removalist. When it comes to moving house, there is nothing more valuable than peace of mind and minimising stress.

Thus, if you want a more relaxed move, just click below and you can find up to 5 removalists to compare!

So, what’s next?

Once you have used our furniture volume calculator to grasp how much furniture you really have, continue to explore the Sirelo website to answer any further moving related queries you may have.

In particular, the pages we have linked below are likely to be of use as you’ll find plenty more information on moving. For now, we wish you every success with your move. We hoped we can help you move with a smile. 😊