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If you’re moving to Melbourne, you’ll already know that there are tons of removal companies ready to move you from A to B. With so much choice, how can you decide which mover is right for you? Read on to get more information on how to move to Melbourne with the right mover!

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Melbourne?

Whatever stage you are in the relocating to Melbourne process, you would be kidding yourself if the thought of money had not crossed your mind. However, while we hate to beat around the bush, trying to put an exact figure on a house move is like asking how long is a piece of string? The only assured way of getting accurate numbers, is to request removalist quotes from us.

Your final cost of moving to Melbourne will depend on several factors, namely the exact distance of your move, and the volume of your things. If you are not sure of the latter, our handy furniture volume calculator can do the hard work for you!

We imagine that you are still itching for some answers. To help you get an initial idea of how much it costs to move to Melbourne, we have put together this table which indicates rough prices for moving a two-bedroom house to Melbourne from various places across the country.

Moving FromMoving ToCostAverage
Western Australia (Perth)Melbourne$2,100 – $3,005~$2,552
South Australia (Adelaide)Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375~$1,397
New South Wales (Sydney)Melbourne$1,350 – $2,000~$1,675
Queensland (Brisbane)Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375~$1,937
Northern Territory (Darwin)Melbourne$3,070 – $3,795~$3,432
Tasmania (Hobart)Melbourne$2,400 – $3,875~$3,137

If this has not nipped your queries in the bud, our interstate removals page provides further figures on the cost of relocating within Australia.

Best Removalists for Moving to Melbourne

We know the idea of putting your household possessions into the hands of a stranger is scary. Which is why Sirelo is here to guide you to ensure you find the company that matches your needs best and give you complete advice on moving to Melbourne.

There are several things you should keep an eye out for when choosing a removalist. We provide a page that outlines all the removalist companies in Australia. However, we really do not recommend a stab in the dark; instead consider some of the following criteria, and you are on your way for a smooth move to Melbourne!

  • Read their reviews. Take a look at several different reviewing platforms to get a comprehensive overview of each removalist. While you shouldn’t make rash decisions based on single reviews, if customers repeatedly reports lost or damaged belongings, it is safe to say that this probably is not the right company to help with your move to Melbourne.
  • Find out the moving cost. You can do this by requesting quotes!
  • Any specialist services? Every move is different. If you require any niche services, such as moving a grand piano or pets, it is worth checking to see which removalist offers such things.

Don’t know which mover to pick?

Don’t know which mover to pick, but don’t want to miss out on the best removal company? Sirelo can help make your move easier! Just fill in our simple quote form and we can put you in direct contact with up to 5 moving companies. You can then compare their moving quotes to make the choice that suits you best!

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