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Container Shipping From Australia to New Zealand

Costs, Moving Companies, and How to Move Cheaply

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Moving to the neighbor country? Be prepared to say “kia ora” a lot. It means “hello” and “goodbye”. And if you’re shipping your belongings be prepared to say “kia ora” as well to your container. Shipping container is one of the most popular, affordable, and reliable options to move your stuff to New Zealand.

Shipping costs from to
20ft Container
40ft Container

Why Choosing Container Shipping When Moving to New Zealand?

By now you probably know the different alternatives to ship all your items to New Zealand. Although air freight can be the fastest way to get you set up there, it’s also the most expensive. If you’re looking for a balance between speed and affordability, sea freight is the best choice.

Container Shipping…

 Will keep your stuff safe and sealed
 Offers you flexibility
 Is cost-effective

Cost of Shipping a Container

The costs of shipping a 20-foot container to New Zealand can range from $1800 – $2000, while for a 40-foot container can increase to $3400 – $4100.

If you’re wondering how much is it to hire a shipping container from Australia to NZ, you should know that the costs will differ on the season, regulations, distance between ports, or size of the container, the costs may vary. To give you an idea, we gathered the costs for the main routes:

Popular Routes20-foot container40-foot container
Sydney – Auckland$1,800 – $2,200$2,500 – $3,000
Melbourne – Dunedin$2,000 – $2,400$2,800 – $3,300
Perth – Wellington$2,500 – $3,000$3,500 – $4,000

They are estimates and may change on several factors.

💰 Cheap Shipping From Australia to New Zealand

Finding cheap shipping options from Australia to New Zealand is also possible. Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Share container space with other users going to the same destination. Unless you’re going to fill a full container, this alternative will save you some money.
  • If you’re flexible with your origin and destination ports, choose a cheaper route. Most popular and demanded routes will have lower fees.
  • Schedule the shipment during off-peak season unless you’re in a hurry.
  • Compare prices from different shipping companies to get the best offer in terms of value and money.
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⚠️ To cover your move, you may want to get insurance and extra services. For example, a comprehensive insurance policy will cost more than a basic one, as you can imagine.

Shipping Furniture and Household Goods From Australia to NZ

Bringing your household goods and furniture with you it’s probably something you don’t want to miss. International moving companies usually offer you extra services to help you pack, load unpack, and unload your stuff once it gets to the destination.

How much does it cost to ship furniture to New Zealand?

The cost to ship furniture to NZ varies from $2,600 to $6,700, depending on the household size.

In the table below you can find the average prices for shipping household goods:

Household SizeCosts
1 Bedroom flat$2,600 – $3,000
3 bedroom house$4,100 – $4,500
5 bedroom house$6,100 – $6,700

They are estimates and may change on several factors.

Some Tips to Consider

Before Shipping

 Declutter and prioritize your belongings
 Make an inventory list
 Double check the customs regulations
 Pack your items safely with good

After Shipping

 Keep track of your shipment
 Coordinate the transport to your new home
 Unpack and start organizing your items!

Shipping Vehicles to New Zealand

The average cost to ship a car from Australia to New Zealand is $2,46o for RORO and $4,200 for container shipping.

Before deciding whether you should move your vehicle or not, it’s important to know how much will it cost you. Depending on the size it has or the type of transportation, you can make an informed decision:

VehicleRORO Shipping Container Shipping
Car$2,300 – $3,200$4,000 – $4,600
Motorbike$1,300 – $1,800$2,300 – $2,800
Caravan$2,500 – $3,700$5,500 – $6,000

😲 What is RORO? Stands for Roll-on Roll-off. This shipping method is designed to carry the cargo onto and off the ship on its wheels, without the need for a container. This is usually the most economical way to transport your vehicle.

As we were saying, some vehicles can be worth to ship them, for example, caravans. Purchasing a new one in New Zealand can be much more expensive than in Australia, so shipping it will save you some money.

International Moving Companies to New Zealand

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