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Whether you are looking for interstate moving quotes or international moving quotes, there are several factors that influence the cost of a move. We provide a platform to receive instant removal quotes from moving companies. You can do this by filling out our form below.

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Why Choose Sirelo to Request Removalist Quotes?

While enquiring for removalist quotes directly from a moving company is an option, we believe it is beneficial for you to compare removal quotes. Asides from this, using Sirelo’s quote form can help you:  

  • Save time: You won’t have to spend time contacting each removal company individually. Instead, we do the hard work for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let the movers come to you. 
  • Save money: Removalist quotes can differ a lot in price! We would say that’s money worth saving. Sirelo allows you to receive multiple quotescompare moving quotes, and therefore minimise the risk of overpaying. 
  • Find your perfect match: We know every move is different. Based on the information you share with us, Sirelo promises to match you with a moving company catered to your specific needs and circumstances. 

How Many Removalist Quotes Should You Get?

Being able to compare removal quotes means you can pick the best deal for your move. Therefore, we recommend getting as many quotes as you can. However, we understand that this is easier said than done – contacting several different movers can be time consuming!  

As we know that time is of the essence, filling out the form above allows us to connect you to up to five removal companies for free. We use your moving details to match you with the best possible movers. You can then compare these removalist quotes. The sooner you book your move, the more money you will save. Fill out our form to guarantee you do not miss out on a cheaper deal! 

Removalist Quotes: What Influences the Cost?

It is important to understand what elements of your move cost money. This way, you know where you can save and avoid any nasty surprises. The prices reflected on removalist quotes are determined by:  

  • Distance: Naturally, the further away you are moving, the more expensive the move will be.
  • Route: Popular routes tend to be cheaper than unusual ones, as competition between moving companies drives down the prices.  
  • Size: Both the volume and weight of your move contribute to the price. Not sure how much stuff you have? Don’t fretSirelo has a handy furniture volume calculator to get you on your way.  
  • Complexity: By this we mean the number of movers needed, whether you require reassembling and disassembling of furniture, and whether you have any speciality items e.g. a piano 
  • Type of transport: Whether you choose to travel by road, sea or air plays a significant part in your removalist costs. Check out our container shipping page for more information. 
  • Additional costs: Depending on the removalist company you choose, there may be surpluses for things like moving insurance and elevator fees.  

removal quotes from moving companies

What to Look For When Comparing Removalist Quotes

So you have received your removalist quotes and you are thinking what next? We suggest that you look at the following criteria before you go ahead and make your decision.  


Seem obvious right? We understand that moving is an expensive process and so saving on the cost of the removal company is likely to be a priority. Keep in mind sometimes the removalist quotes that appear to be the cheapest do not actually end up being so. It is often the case with cheap quotes that you encounter extra costs along the way. Not ideal!  

Services Included

As we just mentioned, it’s not all about the upfront cost. When choosing what removalist quote to go for, also consider whether the price includes some or all of the following:  

  • Moving boxes:

    Don’t assume it’s a given that moving boxes are incorporated into the removalist quoteYou may sometime have to purchase them yourselves, or pay extra. If you are organising this yourself, visit our moving boxes page which provides detailed information on where to begin your search.  

  • Packing services:

    Some movers leave this out of the removalist quote as they assume you would prefer to do this yourself. Now we don’t doubt that you’re strong, but do think carefully about the extra effort that this will entail. Check out our packing guide if you do decide to go the DIY route!

  • Disassembly and reassembly services:

    Expertise and specific equipment is often required for this. Companies usually offer these services for an extra fee, but this might be left out of the initial removalist quote if it’s not communicated to them from the outset.  

  • Transportation of special objects:

    This includes items such as pianos, and even pets. Make sure you indicate to the removal company that this is a service you need so that they can arrange a visit and assess for themselves what exactly needs transporting.  

  • Long carry:

    A surplus can be charged if there is a distance of more than 15 metres between the parked moving truck and the entrance of the residence.  

  • Moving insurance:

    Look carefully at the terms and conditions of the company’s moving insurance to work out the amount and type of objects insured. Also what precautions are in place in the event of a lost or damaged item.  

Company Reviews

Do not underestimate the importance of customer reviews when choosing which removalist quote to commit to. Sirelo provides a 100% transparent review system, with no bias. Each moving company’s profile contains all submitted customer reviews, along with general information about them. Exploring these removal company pages is a great way to determine which removalist quote to go for.    

Quality and Certification

There are certain moving networks such as Moving Select, which Australian moving companies can, but do not have to join. However, being a part of such networks can be an indication of credibility as members of these networks are held to certain industry standards. When selecting your removalist quote, check to see if the company is part of a moving network that guarantees professionalism.  

moving networks

Ready To Plan Your Move?

Once you have your free quotes, we recommend that you start planning by following our moving house checklist. Or, check out our pages on removal costs, interstate moving costs and international moving costs for help with planning your budget! 

Last but by no means least, good luck! You are on the right track to ensuring a smooth-sailing, budget-friendly move 🙂