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Moving Networks

Why Book an Associated Mover?

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When you are moving house, picking the right mover can be a stressful decision. Whilst we recommend that you read reviews to make your decision, one factor you may want to take into consideration is whether the moving company is part of any moving networks. Read on to find out why!

What Is a Moving Network?

A moving network is a an organisation of moving companies. There are three main types of moving network: associations, federations and groups.

Moving associations are non-profit organisations whose members are made up of removal companies. Moving federations are non-profit organisations of moving associations. In contrast, moving groups are for-profit organisations, such as Van Lines. These organisations are set up by the moving companies for the moving companies. For example, the board and the members will consist of movers themselves instead of independent representatives.

Why Move with an Associated Mover?

Not all moving companies are equal in quality. The benefit of a moving network is that many of them have stringent entry requirements, so only the best moving companies are part of them. They also share resources and training, and so are constantly improving.

However, be sure to check the website of each moving network, as some are more strict than others in their requirements. We also recommend you check recent reviews before you book a move. Below we outline some of the top moving associations to consider:


The Australian Furniture Removers Association is an official body of removals experts that regulates the moving industry. At the moment there are currently 350 furniture companies that are members of AFRA, and virtually every region of Australia is covered. They are consulted by government departments before they make decisions regarding the industry. Movers are only accredited if they have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training required for a professional move. If you are a consumer, you might want to choose an AFRA member as their movers are regularly trained, are insured, and there is even a dispute resolution service should any disagreement occur between you and your mover.

AFRA moving network


The International Association of Movers is a moving association for international removalists. In order to be a member of FIDI, members must commit to ethical business practices and regulations. Members must have been recommended by two other members already in the association in order to join, so these companies ‘vouch’ for its quality. Moving companies must also attain IAM’s standards, adhering to the global standard set by ISO, and pay an entry fee.

IAM moving network

FIDI Global Alliance

FIDI is an international federation for global moving companies. International removalists that meet its 200 quality requirements are awarded the FAIM certificate. A mover that is FAIM-certified, therefore, indicates that it is a high quality moving company. Their requirements include:

  • Strong focus on end-to-end quality services
  • Must comply with anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-trust requirements
  • Pre-employment screenings– your mover is someone you can trust
  • Supply chain management– the movers are responsible for the whole move
  • Data privacy protection management– your personal and sensitive data is safe
  • Foundation and international moving service requirements– you know your mover is qualified for successful moves abroad

Entry into FIDI is not the end of the story. Indeed, every 3 years the removal companies must undergo an audit, with the financial audit carried out by an external third party, Ernst and Young.

The benefit of joining FIDI besides the quality is knowing that your move will be covered by another FIDI member if for some reason your original choice cannot perform the move. If you want to book a FIDI mover, you can search for FAIM-certified companies on the  “Find a FIDI Affiliate” page, or check whether the mover carries the logo below. The moving association AIMA is the representative for FIDI in Australia.


Checking out whether your mover is part of a moving network can indicate the level of quality you should expect. Of course, you can also find good moving companies that are not in a moving association: we recommend that you check the reviews of moving companies (above all the most recent ones!) before you book.

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