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Moving House Checklist 2024

The Ultimate Guide from Sirelo

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Planning to move house but don’t know where to start? Sirelo has your back! Here you can find a step-by-step guide to moving house from two months before moving day, right up to the moving day itself. Whether you’re planning an interstate move in Australia or just moving to a new home down the road, our print friendly moving house checklist is exactly what you need to ensure your house move goes off without a hitch!

Two Months Before You’re Moving House

So, what do you do when moving house? The key to a successful house removal is starting early! We recommend organising your move at least two months in advance of your moving date. This way you are sure to be prepared and able to move house smoothly.

After you have chosen your new home, you should complete the following steps two months before your move:

  • Start investigating how much your move will cost and research removalists
  • Request removal quotes from each company and use our removal volume calculator to estimate the volume of your move so you can receive more accurate quotes
  • Book a trusted removalist. We advise booking someone who is an associated mover with a network such as the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA)
  • Plan your budget, obtain a written quotation and establish moving transit insurance. Check out our pages dedicated to national, interstate and international moving costs.
  • Find out which network administrator you have access to i.e. gas, water, light
  • Research the new area you are moving to, taking note of things like local shops and public transport
  • Look for a new school or day-care for your children
  • Update your address for authorities and services such as tax, insurance, car registration and driving license, and the electoral office
  • Disconnect/transfer service providers – check out our transferring utilities guide for more details
  • Sort through your belongings and declutter by donating or selling it
  • Make a list of everyone who should be informed about your move. Below are some suggestions:
    • Friends and acquaintances
    • Family
    • Employer(s), business relations
    • General practitioner, dentist, pharmacy
    • Bank
    • School
    • Your current subscriptions (magazines, news magazines, savings programs, fitness, cell phone company)
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One Month Until Moving Day

Moving day is getting closer, which means it’s time to confirm important details with your removalist and begin packing items that you won’t need for the next month. Take a look at what you need to tick off your “how to move house” list next:

  • Make an inventory list of what you wish to take after you have decluttered and note down any scratches/dents or items that require special care
  • Finalise contracts with your real estate agent
  • Confirm your booking with your removalist and finalise your moving details
  • Source and gather packing materials such as moving boxes, bubble wrap and tape – you’ll need lots of it!
  • Find storage facilities if required but they may be offered by your removal company
  • Pack non-essential items for each room and label your boxes as you pack – use our packing guide for more helpful tips
  • Order furnishings for your new home and book a tradesman if required for plumbing, lighting or Foxtel connection
  • If you have children, register them at their new school
  • Re-direct your mail with Australia Post
  • Create a floor plan for furniture placement in your new home and make sure your removalist has a copy
  • Have a plan for moving day and organise a backup plan just in case
  • Organise care for your children and pets on moving day

Want even more help? Check out our top moving tips to ensure your removal goes smooth and safe!

Only One Week Left Before You Move House?

Now it’s time to get all hands on deck and pack as much as possible. Let your neighbours know when you’re moving out and make sure that there is easy access to your house for the removal van. You’re nearly at the end of your journey, you just need to follow these final steps:

  • Finish packing as much as possible, focusing on non-essential items and keep labelling boxes with their contents and to the room they belong
  • Pack an emergency ‘survival’ bag (spare clothes, toiletries, medication)
  • Place all important documentation and valuables in an easy to remember location
  • Collect the keys to your new home if possible or confirm their pickup and gather all keys to your old home from friends, neighbours or relatives
  • Take a final reading of all meters
  • Put bed linens, towels aside to be used on the first night in your new home so beds can be made up as soon as possible on moving day
  • Call your removal company for a last-minute update/check
  • Dispose of flammable liquids and empty air bottles and gas cylinders with valves open
  • Begin defrosting your freezer and drain liquid from any belongings such as irons, ice makers, washing machines etc.

Moving Day Tips From Sirelo

If you’ve followed this moving house checklist, then your moving day should run quite smoothly. These are essential things to do and be aware of on the day of your move:

  • Verify the delivery details of your belongings with your removalist when they arrive
  • Follow your inventory list, to ensure nothing is accidentally left behind – check out our furniture removal guide if you are packing up your house without expert help
  • Double check every room and hidden space – better be safe than sorry!
  • Do a final sweep and clean so you leave it nice for the new owners or renters
  • Lastly, turn off the power and water supply, lock up and hand over the keys to the real estate agent

Arriving in Your New Home – Exciting!

Now that you have arrived, wait for your removal company to arrive with your belongings. Here are a few tips on what to do:

  • Try to arrive before your removal company does
  • Check all utilities have been connected including fridge and freezer
  • Give your removalists a copy of your house plan, so they know where to put your furniture
  • Notify your removalist if any items are missing or damaged immediately

Family unpacking their moving boxes after arriving at their new home

What To Do After You Move

These last pieces of advice in our checklist are things that you can do after your removalist places your furniture in your new home and also what you can do a few days after your arrival:

  • Have your real estate agent check your old house for damages to ensure you receive your bond back
  • Do a quick clean before placing your furniture
  • Unpack as soon as possible, it will help you do another de-clutter and start fresh in your new home right away
  • Meet your new neighbours if you haven’t already and go exploring your new area
  • Write a review on your experience with the removalist. Your experience will help others who are planning their move!

Good Luck in Your New Home!

Congratulations! You have reached your destination and have completed a successful house removal – we knew you could do it!

Moving to a new home is a big task to undertake so be proud of yourself and take some time to rest after your stressful journey. Just remember – home is where the heart is… even if you can’t remember what box you packed it in!

We hope that you have found our moving house checklist helpful and that you now have a better idea how to plan out your move! If you would like more information on moving house, check out the rest of the Sirelo website and read the articles linked below. We want to help you move with a smile 😊