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Packing to Move House

Our Moving House Packing Tips

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How do you pack to move house? Read our top moving house packing tips to make your move less stressful and more organised!

Get the right packing materials

Before you get packing, make sure you have all the packing materials you need for your move. This includes:

 Furniture wrap

✅ Labels and markers

✅ Moving boxes

✅ Packing tape

✅ Bubble wrap

✅ Old newspapers

Start early

Never underestimate how long the packing process will take! We recommend you start preparing 1-2 months in advance. Check out our moving house checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything!

List all your items

Make sure that you know which items to throw away, which items to store and which to pack. You will also want to list which items are high and low priority for packing. For example, if you move in the winter you won’t need your summer clothes until after the move.

Get rid of what you don’t need

The less you take with you, the less your move will cost – plus the easier it is to pack. You can even make a profit if you sell your items on websites such as Gumtree, or you can give them away for free on Freecycle or at a charity shop.

Sirelo Tip! Figure out how large your move currently is with our furniture volume calculator.

Prepare a box of the essentials

This box will be filled with the things you need immediately after your move, and will need to be easily accessible. This box should include items such as:

  • Snacks
  • Toiletries
  • First aid kit
  • Important documentation (passports, moving company confirmation, etc)

Pack one room at a time

Start with the room that you use the least, and make this room your ‘packing station’, filled with all your moving boxes and packing supplies.

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Label all your boxes

Say which room each box belongs in, so the removal company will know where to put them. Don’t forget to also mark boxes as ‘fragile’ if need be!

Pack smart

Don’t overfill your boxes but also don’t leave empty gaps or pack air. Any boxes heavier than 30 pounds could put your back out!

Tip! Fill drawers and cupboard with smaller items to save on space!

Packing your household for a move abroad

Protect fragile items

If you are packing glasses or any breakables, make sure that you protect them with bubble wrap and padding. Therefore you should keep in mind the following suggestions for packing fragile items:

  • Big items can be wrapped in towels and blankets
  • Wrap mirror using tape and cardboard
  • Wrap lamps in bubble wrap or newspaper
  • Cover glass and the ends of desks with cardboard

Load the truck carefully

If you are packing the moving truck yourself, make sure the heaviest boxes go on the bottom layer of the truck. In addition, fragile items such as mirrors should be placed between soft items. Furthermore, bigger items such as furniture should be packed horizontally.

Sirelo Tip! If you move with a removalist, they will load the truck for you! Find out the costs of moving and how to request a removal quote. 

What Next?

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