About us

On this page you can read about what we do at Sirelo including how we work, our mission and our policies. There are sections on removals company listings, the reviews on this website and our overall policy.

What is Sirelo?

Sirelo.com.au the independent moving platform for Australia founded in 2016. Our main objective is transparency and fairness across the moving industry in the whole of Australia. We are pursuing this goal through by giving customers a a platform to voice their praises and criticisms based on their own experiences with moving companies. We are also trying hard to obtain information in order to openly communicate what customers want, including things such as average moving costs and timings for a move to a specific country. Finally, we are trying to help consumers with their move through tips, checklists and useful information.

Removal companies on Sirelo

Sirelo is a completely independent platform. All 530 removal companies do not pay to be on Sirelo or increase their ratings and all moving and reviews are treated the same. We also strive to create an extensive catalogue of moving companies with the vision to feature every registered moving company in Australia.

Which companies have the quality certificate?

Some moving companies on Sirelo feature a ‘top mover’ logo next to their name. But what does this logo mean? Read more about our “top movers” page.

Our review policy

Our most important goal is transparency in the moving industry, this is why we publish reviews from people who have used and experienced removals companies. Anyone can leave such a review however we do check every review before we publish it to avoid spam reviews. In the interest of transparency moving companies obviously can not edit or delete reviews. Want to know more about our review policies? Read more on our page removal reviews.

Contact us

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