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The Sirelo Quality Certificate

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At Sirelo we care a lot about the quality of the moving industry. In addition, we notice that more and more people want to make sure they choose a good quality company. Therefore, Sirelo offers a review page for every moving company in Australia. Here clients can share their experience, to make the choice easier for future clients. When a company has a good review score, they may qualify for our Sirelo Quality certificate. This makes it even easier for users to see whether it is a quality company.

When a company has received this quality certificate, the following logo will appear next to their name:

Sirelo quality certificate

How do moving companies receive this quality certificate?

There are a couple of conditions that a moving company must meet before receiving this quality certificate:

  1. The company must have received at least 12 reviews in the last 24 months;
  2. At least 80% of people have recommended the company;
  3. The average score of the reviews should be at least 8,0.

In addition to these conditions, Sirelo reserves the right to not to grant the quality certificate. This can occur when we notice that a moving company has acted (extremely) unprofessional one or more times.

Are you looking for a moving company? Search here for a moving company in your local area.  Would you like more information about reviews on Sirelo? Then read our review policy.