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The Cost of Moving to Perth

While moving to Perth is exciting, unfortunately there is some slightly less exciting budgeting to do. Most importantly, it is crucial to understand how much relocating to Perth is likely to cost you.

However, while we wish we could give you straightforward numbers, the final cost of your move to Perth will instead be dependent on certain variables, namely the exact distance travelled and the volume of your things. Thus, the only way to get accurate estimations is to request removalist quotes that take into account the specifics of your move.

Nonetheless, since we are here to make your life easier, we have also put together this table which estimates the interstate costs of moving to Perth, by road, for a two-bedroom house.

South Australia (Adelaide)Perth$2,325 – $3,750~ $3,037
Victoria (Melbourne)Perth$2,325 – $3,750~ $3,037
New South Wales (Sydney)Perth$2,925 – $4,750~ $3,837
Queensland (Brisbane)Perth$3,525 – $5,500~ $4,512
Northern Territory (Darwin)Perth$4,725 – $5,640~ $5,182
Tasmania (Hobart)Perth$4,575 – $7,375~ $5,975

Tip! Not sure of the volume of your things? Our handy furniture volume calculator is here to do the leg work for you.

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