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Furniture Removal

How to Move Your Furniture 2024

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Moving your furniture can seem like a simple task you can do yourself, but moving furniture incorrectly can lead to injury, as well as cause damage to the house and furniture itself. Read our moving tips on how to carry out your furniture removal successfully!

Take inventory of the items you have

The more furniture you decide to take with you, the more your move will cost whether you’re moving interstate or further afield! Decide which furniture you want to take with you and which furniture you will throw away or sell. Don’t forget to note down any fragile items.

Tip! Use our furniture volume calculator to see how much furniture you are taking with you!

Measure your furniture

If you are planning on moving furniture into your new home, make sure it will fit through the doorways and the staircases. If you have an elevator, you will need to take that into consideration too.

Get the right equipment and tools

Now that you know which furniture you have to move, you will need to make sure you can disassemble and pack them all properly so that they do not break during transit. You will need:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard
  • Styrofoam blocks
  • Newspaper
  • Tape (packing or masking)
  • Old blankets or furniture covers
  • Tools such as pliers, Allen wrenches and screwdrivers

Sirelo Tip! Make sure small parts don’t get lost by keeping them in one box.

Tape for furniture removal

Move your furniture safely

Take proper precautions when moving your furniture. When moving heavy furniture, make sure to bend from the knees and hips rather than bending from the waist and back.  If you can, slide your furniture instead of lifting and carrying it. You can protect your floors with towels or cardboard or by buying furniture sliders.

Protect your furniture

Keep your furniture safe by packing it correctly. Make sure every piece of furniture is wrapped and packed, otherwise it could get damaged during the furniture removal:

  • Big pieces of furniture should be wrapped with blankets or furniture covers, and then secured with plastic wraps.
  • Glass and the ends of desks can be protected with cardboard
  • Protect fragile items with bubble wrap
  • Wrap mirrors using tape and cardboard or Styrofoam
  • Pack your television by covering it with a cloth and securing it with plastic wrap
  • Your sofa should be wrapped with blankets and tape
  • Lamps should be covered with either bubble wrap or newspaper

Tip! Also, packing moving boxes? Check out our moving boxes article for more information on what you’ll need.

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Move furniture into the truck smartly

In general, we advise that you hire movers to at least load the furniture itself onto the moving truck to avoid injury to yourself. However, you still might need to move some furniture yourself, so bear the following tips in mind:

  • Group the items by how heavy they are, and put the heaviest items by the wall of the lorry to evenly distribute the weight for driving
  • Fragile items such as mirrors and pictures can go between mattresses or other soft items
  • Your sofa, mattress and box spring can be used to cushion other items
  • Items with drawers should be facing the truck walls so the drawers won’t open too much
  • Big furniture should be stacked horizontally to save space

Ask for help with your furniture removal!

While your friends and family may offer to help you out on moving day, we recommend that you use a furniture removal company:

  • Furniture removal companies are specialised in the packing, loading, unloading, assembly and disassembly of furniture.
  • They will also make sure that your furniture and home is not damaged during the process
  • If needed, they can also provide you with storage facilities
  • They can save you not only time but injury and damage
  • Removalists will have extensive insurance coverage which provides compensation for loss and damage, giving you the peace of mind you need during a move

Furniture removal with the whole family

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