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Moving Survey

What You Need to Know for Your Pre-Move Survey

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Before you can get removal quotes, a mover will normally have to do a moving survey of your house so he can get an estimate for the price. Read on to find out how it works, how you can do it and why you should compare all your moving offers before booking a mover.

What is a moving survey?

If you’re moving house, your mover will normally need to do a survey before he can give you a price. The moving company will check how much stuff you have to move, and will need to consider how hard it will be to move due to location and fragility. The moving company also needs to know where you are moving from and moving to in order to calculate a price. After the survey, the moving company can calculate what size truck is needed, how many movers are required, and whether they need any special equipment.

How does the moving survey work?

In our digital age, a moving survey can be done online with a video chat or form, or it can still be done in person. Normally the survey will take between 15 – 25 minutes.

  • A visit in person means the mover will arrange a time to come to your house beforehand and inspect the items you want to move.
  • A digital form will normally ask you to fill in the details of your move as accurately as possible. You may also be asked to attach videos and photos of your house.
  • A video chat will allow the mover to see the interior and exterior of your home without having to come in person. He will prompt you during the video to show him what he needs to see.

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What does the moving company need to know?

The removal company will likely ask the following questions:

What should I ask during the moving survey?

If you have any fragile or expensive items that need extra care when being moved, you must let the mover know. You should also confirm what services you wish the mover to provide and what you want to do yourself, such as packing. You may also want to discuss the price in person to avoid any unexpected fees. Finally, you should ask for a timeline for your move so you can plan effectively.

How do I request a moving survey?

Click the quote button below to get in contact with up to five moving companies. The survey is normally free and has zeroobligation, but you should only book a survey if you are serious about moving house.

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After the survey the mover will be able to calculate the volume of your move and can then calculate the price. This will include the cost of any additional services you have requested. After this, the mover will confirm with you the date of your move, and you’ll be good to go!

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