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Moving to Ireland from Australia

An essential guide for moving to the Emerald Isle

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So, you want to move to Ireland from Australia? We don’t blame you! Known for its cheerful culture and rolling landscapes, relocating to the Emerald Isle is tempting. However, no move comes easy. Read Sirelo’s guide for information on moving costs, an essential checklist, and even free moving quotes to start moving to with a smile.

The cost of moving to Ireland from Australia

First off, prepare yourself. Ireland sits on practically the other side of the world from Australia, so moving there won’t come cheap. On average, the cost of shipping a container, which can hold a 3-bed house, from Australia to Ireland will cost between $16,900 – $22,900.

However, this doesn’t need to be the final price. You can exert some influence over the cost of your move, if you know the factors that affect the international moving costs. Knowledge is the best way to make great savings.

One factor that we feel you should know about is the effect of volume, since it is pretty significant. Below, is a table of the cost for different size households when moving to Ireland from Australia. Oh, and if you’d like to estimate the volume of your move, we have a great calculator for that!

1 bed9-12 weeks$7,000 – $9,800
2 bed6-9 weeks$9,500 – $13,000
3 bed6-9 weeks$16,900 – $22,900
4 bed6-9 weeks$17,800 – $24,400
5 bed6-9 weeks$25,700 – $34,700

Sirelo top tip: as the volume of your move is a crucial factor in determining the cost of your move to Ireland, consider selling your furniture and repurchasing it on arrival. While we know certain household items can be precious, we don’t believe that your broken table or dusty shelf is irreplaceable! Read our page on container shipping prices for more information on moving your belongings Down Under 🙂

Top Removalists to Ireland

Are you searching for removalists to Ireland? You’re in the right place. Take a look at the 3 best international removal companies from Australia to Ireland:

1. OSS World Wide Movers

2. Allied Pickfords

3. Palmers Relocation

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Do Australians need a visa to move to Ireland?

Unless you happen to be moving home to Ireland from Australia, or happen to hold an EU/EEA passport, you might be wondering about your eligibility to move to Ireland. Good news, you won’t need to apply for a visa as an Australian moving to Ireland! However, you will need an employment permit, which will require you to have already secured a job.

Moving to Ireland for work maybe the most common reason to move, but if you would like to explore other options, you can visit website of the Irish Immigration service.

Moving to Ireland: A Checklist

As an Australian moving to Ireland, there will be several things you need to organise before, during and after your arrival. We know this seems like a daunting task, so follow this checklist to get the ball rolling. For a more detailed moving overseas checklist, we have also got you covered.  

Before you move:

✔️ Important documents

Before you start packing, and don’t forget you’ll need to pack, there are some important documents that you’ll want to prepare and have at the ready when you move to Ireland, since you’ll first need to pass the immigration officer when you land. Others are just important for life in Ireland. It’s best to keep them safe and even make duplicates:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Degrees and qualifications
  • Employment Permit
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Details of your accommodation

✔️ Organise an international moving company

Let’s be real, moving to Ireland from Australia isn’t a simple hop across the pond. To move your belongings safely on such a long journey, it’ s paramount that you choose the right removalist when moving to Ireland from Australia. Which is why Sirelo is proud to present our list of the top international removalists, check it out!

✔️ Pack

Packing can be an arduous task if you leave it to the last minute. Our advice is to start packing early and approach it in as organised a manner as you can! Should you find yourself in need of more tips then read our expert packing guide. Great packing tips also help with unpacking, so you can start enjoying pints of Guinness sooner!

✔️ Moving pets?

First up, moving to Ireland from Australia is not exactly a hop and a skip away for a human, let alone a furry friend. Therefore, first and foremost, think carefully about whether your pet will manage the flight over, and if so, how you can make it comfortable for them.

The good news is pet import requirements for Ireland from Australia are relatively straightforward. Pets must be

  • microchipped
  • vaccinated against rabies(with a certificate to prove it) and
  • dogs must have been treated for worms in the four days before moving

✔️ Tax

You must lodge a tax return with the ATO before you move and apply for a PPS number in Ireland to pay taxes.

Moving to Ireland

Once you get there:

✔️ Open a bank account

When you arrive, it is advised that you open an Irish bank account as soon as possible. There are several options for Australians moving to Ireland, so find the best one for your needs. Here’s a list of popular Irish banks to get you started:

✔️ Healthcare

Understanding how the Irish healthcare system is a must when planning your move to Ireland from Australia. Ireland’s healthcare system is public and government funded. It is paid for through PRSI (pay related social insurance), which is a tax which is deducted from earnings. If you contribute to PRSI then you will receive state-funded healthcare. Wahoo!

If you are moving to Ireland and are not yet a resident visa holder the picture is a little different. It is a legal imperative that you possess private healthcare insurance. Some residents in fact opt for this as well, to avoid waiting times and guarantee immediate access to healthcare at all times.

✔️ Driving licence

Some good news! Those moving to Ireland from Australia who have a full Australian driving licence will not require an International Driving Permit. If you intend to stay in Ireland for longer than a year, you should exchange your driving licence for an Irish one.

Phew! We know that was a lot of information to process, but you made it through. Work your way through this checklist and you’ll be over in the Land of Saints and Scholars in no time! 

Moving to Ireland

Living in Ireland

We hope that you now have a better understanding of what moving to Ireland from Australia entails. However, we’re afraid you’re not off the hook just yet. Before you set off on your adventure, we want to leave you with some tips and clear up any remaining queries. 

Most seriously we want you to know, moving to Ireland involves saying goodbye to the Australian sun. And we don’t mean this light-heartedlyin 2007, Ireland saw 40 straight days of rain… 

The Cost of Living in Ireland

So it’s all good and well understanding your removalist costs, but we also imagine you might want to gauge what the cost of living in Ireland is. Unfortunately, living in Ireland does not come cheap. Of course, the exact prices you can expect to pay will depend on exact location and your personal lifestyle, however the table below indicates the national averages for certain cost of living metrics.  

Rent for 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre$1,713$2,046
Basic monthly utilities for 85m2 apartment$222$239
1L of milk$1.65$1.61
0.5L of draught beer$8.00$8.21
1L of gasoline$1.47$2.35

Work in Ireland

Now you have your paperwork sorted, it’s time to move onto the slightly lighter stuff. When moving to Ireland from Australia, most expats will have organised a job prior to arrival. However, do not worry if you don’t. We recommend using the following job portals if you are on the hunt for work:  

While we wish we didn’t always have to be realists, we do feel obliged to mention a couple of potential hiccups for Australians moving to Ireland. You really need to sell yourself: jobs will usually be given to those within the EEA, purely out of ease. Furthermore, you are fine to use a recruitment agency or head-hunter to find you work, as long as you are not relying on your workplace for a visa. To be eligible for a work permit, you cannot be employed by a third party.  

Fun fact! Ireland is one of the best countries in the world for gender equality, and has had two female presidents. Sounds like the place to be.  

Ready for Your Move to Ireland?

Congratulations! You now know all the essentials about moving to Ireland from Australia. We hope you have found this article informative, but if you are still at a loose end, continue to explore the articles we have linked for you below for all of your moving concerns. For now, sit back and pop the champagne, moving house is no easy task…oh and it’s actually a criminal offence to be drunk in public in Ireland…so better get it out your system now!