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Container Shipping from Australia to Canada

Costs and Container Shipping Companies

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If you landed here means you’ve probably started to organize your move to Canada and arrange all your stuff to bring with you. We know, it can be quite stressful! Taking care of packing, finding the best way to ship it, choosing a moving company… but we’re here to make things easier for you. Let’s break down all the key information you need to ship your belongings to Canada!

Shipping costs from to
20ft Container
40ft Container

Cost of Shipping Container from Australia to Canada

The cost of shipping a container from Australia to Canada will vary depending on the size of the container you need, weight, distance and the current market rates. To give you a general idea:

Container SizeAverage Cost
20-foot$11,280 – $13,080
40-foot$20865 – $23505

They are estimates and may change on several factors.

💡 Tips to save money on container shipping

  1. Schedule the shipment for off-season dates. The peak activity is usually during summer and the beginning of autumn, so choose a time outside those dates.
  2. Request for several quotes. The more you get, the more you have to compare! Ask different removalists to give you a price to find the one that suits your budget. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price with them as well, some movers can be flexible.
  3. Choose sharing a container. If you don’t have that much stuff to fill in a whole container, shipping it with other people’s stuff will save you some pennies.
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International Shipping Companies to Canada

Comparing services, prices and users’ opinions on the different shipping companies is key in making a decision. While the price has to be an important factor, consider other aspects such as customer service, reliability and quality to avoid unexpected situations. Check out this top international removalists:

Shipping Furniture and Household Goods to Canada

It’s a big job, for sure! But it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With the right plan and preparation, it will be easy peasy.

But first, what is the average price to ship your belongings to Canada from Australia? We’ve compiled some rough estimates of how much would it cost you depending on how many items you want to move:

ItemAverage Cost
3 Bedroom House£12,277 – £13,568
5 Bedroom House£18,415 – £20,352

They are estimates and may change on several factors.

💡 5-step guide on how to ship your furniture

  1. Disassemble your furniture. Before starting packing, this will help you pack faster and in less space – hence the costs of your shipping.
  2. Pack everything carefully. Bring special attention to fragile or scratchable items, wrapping them with extra protection.
  3. Add labels to your boxes. Don’t complicate yourself! It will be way easier when the time to unpack comes.
  4. Find the right method and container shipping company. Once the organization has been done, it’s time to hire the moving service. Make sure you’re making an informed decision by reading reviews and searching for well-known companies.
  5. Schedule when to pick up your stuff based on your needs.

Extra advice:

  • Revise the customs and regulations. You can check the items you can import and how to declare your goods upon arrival in Canada at the official government page here.
  • Consider getting insurance to protect your items from any possible damage or in case it gets lots in transit.

Ready to Move to Canada?

Moving to Canada is, for sure, an exciting adventure! Start planning early and doing some research to take it easy. You can also start requesting free quotes to removalists through our easy form down below 👇.