Removal Costs | How To Budget For Your Move In Australia

It may come as no surprise that interstate removal costs are considerably more than the cost of moving house within your own town or city. And it doesn’t matter how prepared or organised you are. Moving house anywhere sucks!

There is no magic spell to take away the pain of moving. However, a good removalist comes pretty close.

On this page you can find essential information about the removal costs for moving house interstate in Australia. We outline the follow topics:

Why hire removalists?

The main reason why you should hire a removalist is sheer convenience! Removalists can offer various services depending on what you require. From loading your belongings onto a truck and unloading them at your new house, to actually packing and unpacking everything you own.

Removalists are specialists in transporting the contents of your home, and you can usually count on your belongings being handled with care. They are there to help move efficiently and quicker than you would on your own.

Hiring a removalist will cost more than the case of beer you promised your friends, however it is worth it for peace of mind.

Removal Costs | How to Budget for you Move Interstate in Australia

How do removalists charge?

Calculating the cost of a move interstate can vary significantly from company to company as it is based on many variables. However, typically a removalist company will use one of two different pricing structures: a flat fee or a time-based rate.

Flat fee

If the company base their removal costs on a flat fee, they will then send an expert to your house to assess the size of your move after receiving your quote request. Once they have assessed your move, and you agree to the quote, you will know how much your removal will cost. Flat fees make budgeting for your move easier and take the time pressure of removalists. However, if your move ends up being quicker and easier than expected, you could end up losing money.


Removalists that charge a time-based rate generally charge either by the hour or half hour. The benefit of a time-based rate is that if your move goes quicker than expected, then you end up saving money. However, this fee structure can be very difficult to budget for. And should your removalists drag their feet, run into difficulty with one of your items, have trouble accessing your home or even get caught in traffic, then the time of your move is dragged out and you pay more.

Size of your move

The size of the house you’re moving will also dictate your removal costs. If you have a big house with a lot of furniture, you’ll need a bigger truck and more removalists. Most removal companies will have different rates for different sized homes. They may also base it on the cubic metre of space your belongings take up.

Distance of your move

If you’re moving interstate, you can pay hundreds more for a removalist than if you were to move house within the same city. Likewise, if you’re moving a great distance within the same city, you’re likely to pay much more than moving from one suburb to one a few over.

Involvement of removalists

The removal costs you pay will vary depending on the level of services you require. There are many types of services you may wish to use, ranging from packing up your house to transporting your car interstate.

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Factors that affect moving costs

There are several factors that can affect how much removalists charge you. They are important points to know and be aware of when budgeting your interstate move!

Ease of access

Is your house located on a busy street? Can removal vans park in your driveway or the street? If movers are unable to access your houses easily, then you will have to pay higher removal costs.


The cost of insurance needs to be considered when looking at your removal costs. Almost always, the moving company provide basic insurance cover for your move. Ask what it covers and whether you need an additional insurance policy.

Minimum hours

Removal companies usually charge you for a minimum number of hours. Companies can charge either a minimum of 2-4 hours.

Nearest 30min or 1hr

Some companies charge you to the nearest 30 minutes or by the full hour. Ask your chosen removalist how they charge.

Man & van

If you have heavy furniture and need someone to help you lift and move them, then a man & van service is for you.

Special care

If you have unique pieces of furniture that require special care, such as a piano or antiques, your removal costs will increase.

Credit card fees

You get charged extra for paying with credit card (particularly AMEX, Diner, Visa & Master cards). You can be charged an additional 2 to 5% extra on your overall removal costs.

Road tolls

If you are moving from or too MelbourneBrisbane or Sydney, removalists may pass through a toll road. Most of the time, removalists forward the costs to you or go the long way around when tolls reduce their driving costs. Added tolls can be as high as $20 to $30 extra.

Lunch breaks

Some companies may charge you for their staff/contractors to have breaks. Be aware that this happens, you shouldn’t have to pay for your removalists to sit and eat.

We break it we fix it

Make sure you read your removal companies fine print. There are many conditions that then always void any claims you may make. Understand their terms and conditions for additional charges.

Additional services

If you need help with packing and assembly, or require storage, many removal companies offer these extra services.

Questions to ask your removalist

When you hire a removalist, there are a couple of important questions you should keep in mind, such as:

  • Does the rate include GST?
  • Do you charge extra on weekends or public holidays?
  • Does my quote include packing materials?
  • How many movers will be there?
  • Do you charge for fuel as an extra cost?

Removal costs interstate

Every removal company base their quotes on varying calculations, however, for your benefit, we have put together some tables. These tables are an estimation only, of the average cost of moving house in Australia to most cities.

Interstate removals cost from Adelaide

Destination2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed
Brisbane$2,775 – $4,250$4,250 – $5,225$5,225 – $7,650
Hobart$3,825 – $6,000$6,000 – $6,950$6,950 – $10,800
Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375$2,375 – $3,325$3,325 – $4,275
Perth$2,325 – $3,750$3,750 – $5,250$5,250 – $6,750
Sydney$2,325 – $3,625$3,625 – $4,545$4,545 – $6,525

Removal costs from Brisbane

Destination2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed
Adelaide$2,625 – $3,825$3,825 – $4,625$4,625 – $7,200
Hobart$3,900 – $5,535$5,535 – $6,335$6,335 – $10,665
Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375$2,375 – $3,325$3,325 – $4,275
Perth$3,525 – $5,500$5,500 – $6,790$6,790 – $9,900
Sydney$1,275 – $2,000$2,000 – $2,800$2,800 – $3,600

Cost of removals from Hobart

Destination2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed
Adelaide$3,675 – $5,750$5,750 – $6,875$6,875 – $10,350
Brisbane$3,000 – $4,875$4,875 – $6,825$6,825 – $8,775
Melbourne$2,400 – $3,875$3,875 – $5,425$5,425 – $6,975
Perth$4,575 – $7,375$7,375 – $8,945$8,945 – $13,275
Sydney$2,700 – $4,375$4,375 – $6,125$6,125 – $7,875

Moving costs from Melbourne

Destination2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed
Adelaide$1,500 – $2,375$2,375 – $3,325$3,325 – $4,275
Brisbane$1,650 – $2,500$2,500 – $3,500$3,500 – $4,500
Hobart$2,625 – $4,000$4,000 – $5,600$5,600 – $7,200
Perth$2,325 – $3,750$3,750 – $5,250$5,250 – $6,750
Sydney$1,350 – $2,000$2,000 – $2,800$2,800 – $3,600

 Cost of moving house from Perth

Destination2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed
Adelaide$2,100 – $3,195$3,195 – $4,045$4,045 – $5,850
Brisbane$2,925 – $4,675$4,675 – $5,525$5,525 – $8,550
Hobart$4,425 – $6,195$6,195 – $7,045$7,045 – $11,970
Melbourne $2,100 – $3,005$3,005 – $3,730$3,730 – $5,650
Sydney $2,550 – $3,415$3,415 – $4,265$4,265 – $6,405

Removal costs from Sydney

Destination2 Bed3 Bed4 Bed
Adelaide $2,325 – $4,000$4,000 – $4,790$4,790 – $6,525
Brisbane $1,275 – $2,000$2,000 – $2,800$2,800 – $3,600
Hobart $3,000 – $4,750$4,750 – $6,650$6,650 – $8,550
Melbourne $1,350 – $2,000$2,000 – $2,800$2,800 – $3,600
Perth $2,925 – $4,750$4,750 – $6,650$6,650 – $8,550

Additional ‘hidden’ costs of moving house

Removal Costs | How to Budget for you Move Interstate in Australia

Once your estimated removal costs have been calculate, consider the following additional ‘hidden’ costs.

  • Cleaning costs
  • Moving boxes (if not included by removal company)
  • Moving your car
  • Airfares
  • Hotel/accommodation
  • Rubbish removal
  • Utilities

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