Removal Costs (2022)

How Much Does it Cost to Move House?

If you are considering moving house, we imagine removal costs are at the forefront on your concerns. That is why Sirelo is here to help you work out how much it will cost you to move house. Read on for information on removalists costs, as well as money saving tips and tricks!

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Breakdown of Removal Costs

While we know that every move is different, we also imagine that you are looking for some hard and fast answers about your removal costsThe table below therefore outlines the average costs of removals for a three-bedroom house. While the exact volume of your furniture, along with the distance you intend to travel will influence this cost, we hope that this breakdown nonetheless provides some clarity into the average cost of removalists 

Basic Removal Services$775-$830
Packing Materials$0-$100
Disassembly & Reassembly$100-$150
Storage (1 Month)$100-$150
Professional Cleaning$260-$300

Given that the specifics of a move vary so much, the only accurate way to work out your removalist prices is to request removalist quotes. You can do this quickly and easily using the banner below and receive up to five free removal quotes.  

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Average Removalists Costs

Now you have a better understanding of how your overall removal costs are broken down, the table below indicates the average fixed rates for a removal services of various sized households. Bear in mind that these figures reflect the costs of a short-distance move, by which we mean within the same city. Average removalist costs to other cities, let alone states, will be significantly higher.  

Size of HouseholdAverage Fixed Rate
One Bedroom$400-$450
Two Bedroom$500-$550
Three Bedroom$775-$830
Four Bedroom$900-$950

Sirelo Tip: Check out our page on international moving costs and interstate removal costs for more detailed information.

Factors Affecting Average Removal Costs

As outlined above, the main factors affecting moving cots are distance and volume. However, like most things in life, it’s not quite that simple. That’s why we have provided you with a list of the other main factors that affect removal costs 

  • Ease of access: Located on a busy street? Can a removal van park near your property? If movers are unable to access your house easily, then you will have to pay higher removal costs 
  • Minimum hours: most removalists will charge you for a minimum of 2-4 hours, regardless as to whether the time you need is shorter than this. Just something to bear in mind.  
  • Time of move: If your moving date is schedules for a weekend or other peak times, your removal costs can be higher. Equally, moving during the summer usually comes with extra costs as this is the time when removalist companies are the busiest 
  • Special care: if you are moving any items which need specialist care, such as paintings, a piano or even your pet, expect an additional fee on your removal costs 

This is by no mean an exhaustive list, but we hope that it has at least indicated to you that moving house is not a simple task. We wish there was a simple answer to how much do removalists cost, as much as you, but each move in unique and comes with it’s own costs and requirements 🙂

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Saving Money on Your Removalists Costs

We imagine that reading about all of these expenses has left you shaking in your boots somewhat. But be rest assured, it’s not all bad news. Sirelo has provided you with money-saving tips and tricks to drive those removal costs down!   

Obviously one way to save money on your move is to go for the cheapest mover. However, booking a cheap, and therefore usually low-quality service is not recommended. It usually means your belongings are not insured as well, which trust us; broken or lost items are a real kick in the teeth. 

Instead, follow these suggestions on how to save on the costs of removalists: 

  • Move in off-peak times, so avoid weekends and holidays.  
  • Request quotes from more than one moving company, giving you the option to choose the best company for you.  
  • Sell belongings that you no longer want; this will lower the volume of your move, and therefore the removal costs. It is often cheaper to leave furniture behind and repurchase it upon arrival, especially if your journey is on the longer side.  
  • Save on moving materials where you can: gather boxes from local supermarkets and pack fragile items in blankets.  

Top tip: it might seem tempting to rent a van and adopt a ‘do it yourself’ approach. However, we do not encourage this. Mishaps along the way can be damaging both to you and your possessions. Hiring a removalist company who have expertise and insurance avoids any catastrophes.

So, What’s Next?   

We hope you have a better understanding of how much removals cost. However, we know that your moving journey doesn’t stop here! To ensure you have gathered everything you need to know about moving, not jusaverage costs of removalists, explore our website for other useful pages. In particular, we recommend checking out the articles we have linked for you below!

One final note: good luck and enjoy! While moving house is without doubt stressful, it is also exciting. If nothing else, all of us at Sirelo are jealous 😉