Furniture Volume Calculator | Estimate Your Furniture Volume

It is helpful for both you and moving companies to know the volume of your furniture that you want to move. However, trying to figure out how to calculate the cubic meters of your furniture can be complex and misleading if you are unsure where to begin. Our removal volume calculator is straightforward to use and will save you heaps of time when obtaining quotes.

How much does it cost to hire a removalist?

When trying to calculate the cost of moving your furniture, there are a number of components you need to take into consideration. Two main aspects that affect the price of your move are the volume and the distance. We have created a page dedicated to Removal Costs for your move within Australia. You can find helpful information about the factors that affect the price, as well as the average cost of relocating to some of the popular cities in Australia.

Which moving company is best for me?

If you are unsure of how to choose the right moving company for you, we have created a convenient page comparing the Top 10 International Removals companies in Australia.

What does it cost to move overseas?

When you move to another country, there are many more things to consider than when moving within your current city or interstate. If you are moving overseas, looking into how much it will cost you, and what you need to consider then have a look at our International Moving Costs page.

How much does it cost to ship a container overseas?

The cost of shipping a container overseas depends on, of course where you want to send it to, as well as the size of your move. Check out our Container Shipping Costs and Rates page, which outlines what you should take into account when calculating the cost and the size of your move when shipping your furniture overseas.