Furniture Volume Calculator

Estimate Your Furniture Volume

It is helpful for both you and moving companies to know the volume of your furniture that you want to move. However, trying to figure out how to calculate the cubic meters of your furniture can be complex and misleading if you are unsure where to begin. Our removal volume calculator is straightforward and easy to use. It will save you heaps of time and money when obtaining quotes! Sirelo is here to help you move with a smile 🙂

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Sirelo’s Furniture Volume Calculator

By using our furniture volume calculator, you can find out the total volume of your furniture in cubic foot (ft³) in a matter of clicks. But how do I use the tool? It’s easy really, just follow our three steps below!

  1. Click all the personal belongings you intend on taking with you to add them.
  2. The calculator will then automatically provide you with the estimated volume of your move.
  3. You can then send it to your email for safekeeping, or directly request quotes through Sirelo!

Why Use the Furniture Volume Calculator?

Since no move is exactly the same, requesting quotes is crucial to get accurate figures on your moving costs. Along with the distance of your move, the volume of your things plays a huge role in calculating costs. So, unless you enjoy being overcharged, then use our furniture volume calculator to get an accurate estimate of your volume!

Disclaimer: Our removal volume calculator gives you an estimated volume of your move. Removalists will usually need to see your belongings after you have requested quotes to perform a more precise calculation. Read our page on the moving survey for more information.

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What Other Factors Affect the Moving Cost?

Although volume is a decisive factor for your final moving cost, there are several other things to consider when calculating the cost of your move. The following are other factors that affect your removal cost:

  • The distance: the longer your goods are in transit, the more expensive it will be.
  • The route: if your route is obscure and remote, the costs will increase.
  • Mode of transport: choosing to travel via air freight, for example, is more expensive than via sea or road.
  • Special items: if you have items such as fine art or a piano, a surplus can be charged.

If you are looking for more information on how quotes are calculated, check out our removals costs if you are moving within Australia, and our international moving costs page if you are relocating overseas. But our furniture volume calculator can help you for both interstate and international moving quotes!

Which Removalist is Best for Me?

Here at Sirelo, we have a network of trustworthy removalists so check out their profiles to read what services they offer, their moving associations and read reviews left by their past customers! We also have our Moving Abroad Checklist to help you organise your international relocation.

If you are unsure of how to choose the right moving company for you, we have created a convenient page comparing the Top 8 International Removals companies in Australia for those who are moving abroad.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Container Overseas?

Much like other aspects of your move, there is no specific answer! The cost of shipping a container depends on where you are sending it to, as well as what size of container you are using. Our removal volume calculator can help you calculate your volume so that you can decide what container type and size you need.

Since this doesn’t really answer your question, check out our Container Shipping Costs page, which outlines what you should take into account when calculating the cost and the size of your move when shipping your furniture overseas. Don’t say we didn’t help!

So, What’s Next?

Once you have used our furniture volume calculator to grasp how much furniture you really have, continue to explore the Sirelo website to answer any further moving related queries you may have.

In particular, the pages we have linked below are likely to be of use. For now, we wish you every success with your move. We hoped we can help you move with a smile 🙂