Moving to Perth

A Step-by-Step Guide

Known for its endless sunshine and pristine beaches, moving to Perth is tempting for most. To ensure your move is smooth sailing, we have put together this guide which outlines all the costs, checklists and tips you need to make your move to Western Australia a success.

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The Cost of Moving to Perth

While moving to Perth is exciting, unfortunately there is some slightly less exciting budgeting to do. Most importantly, it is crucial to understand how much relocating to Perth is likely to cost you.

However, while we wish we could give you straightforward numbers, the final cost of your move to Perth will instead be dependent on certain variables, namely the exact distance travelled and the volume of your things. Thus, the only way to get accurate estimations is to request removalist quotes that take into account the specifics of your move.

Nonetheless, since we are here to make your life easier, we have also put together this table which estimates the interstate costs of moving to Perth, by road, for a two-bedroom house.

South Australia (Adelaide)Perth$2,325 – $3,750~ $3,037
Victoria (Melbourne)Perth$2,325 – $3,750~ $3,037
New South Wales (Sydney)Perth$2,925 – $4,750~ $3,837
Queensland (Brisbane)Perth$3,525 – $5,500~ $4,512
Northern Territory (Darwin)Perth$4,725 – $5,640~ $5,182
Tasmania (Hobart)Perth$4,575 – $7,375~ $5,975

Tip! Not sure of the volume of your things? Our handy furniture volume calculator is here to do the leg work for you.

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How to Move to Perth Checklist

Voted the most isolated city in the world, moving to Perth is no walk in the park. To get you over all the logistical hurdles that comes with relocating, we have put together this checklist which indicates how to move to Perth with a smile 😊.

Did you know? Perth is home to the largest community of quokkas, also known as the happiest animal in the world. That’s enough to tempt anyone to get their move to Perth rolling!

Before you move:

  • Find a removalist. This should be your first point of call. If you haven’t started researching yet, do so by visiting our list of all removalists in Australia, which can be filtered based on your location.
  • Pack. Read our expert packing guide for tips and tricks. Don’t forget your bathers and sunscreen; Perth gets more sun than any other Australian capital!
  • Change your address. Notify all your providers, doctors, banks etc of your change of address before you move to Perth. We have a dedicated moving house utilities guide for more information.

Did you know? Perth has been referred to as the ‘City of Light’. This came about when astronaut John Glen could pick out Perth when orbiting the earth in 1962 because everyone had their lights on. Let’s hope they have got a little more energy conscious since then!

Once you move to Perth:

  • Register. Be sure to de-register, and then re-register at your new address.
  • Driver’s licence. Moving to Western Australia for longer than three months requires you to switch to a local licence. Given that people in Perth love driving their cars, with 33% using it as their preferred commuting method, we seriously recommend getting this sorted.
  • Healthcare. Do some investigating into your local healthcare services to avoid feeling peaky in Perth.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Home to Western Australia’s oldest wine region, once you have moved to Perth, it will be easy to unwind.

Alternatively, if you are still itching for more details, we have a comprehensive and downloadable moving house checklist which is sure to do the trick!

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Moving to Perth Tips

Along with the essentials on our moving to Perth checklist, there are also a few tips we thought we should share to give you the real inside scoop.

  • Travel. You can’t move to Perth without knowing about Transperth, who run the city’s public transport services. Get yourself a SmartRider card which you simply top up and ride!

Tip! Perth has a Free Transit Zone in the middle of the city, in which all public transport runs free of cost! Sounds to us like the place to be 😎.

  • Get a bike! Despite having a great public transport network, a bike is an essential when moving to Perth. The city is flat, so perfect for two-wheeled adventures!
  • Shop cheap. The cheapest supermarket chain in Perth is Aldi. So do some googling to find your nearest store if you are on a tighter budget.
  • Brush up on beach safety. You would be mad not to take advantage of Perth’s stunning coastlines. However, to avoid any nasty accidents, make sure you and your family are aware of beach safety rules.

Oh, and last but by no means least- don’t forget to check out the Heaven of the Hills in the botanical gardens: it is renowned as one of the best tulip displays in the world!

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Working and Living in Perth

A city that beautifully balances a bustling gastronomical scene with ample wildlife, we are sure you are keen to paint a picture of what your life in Perth might look like. Get out your brushes and pallets, because this section of our moving to Perth guide is geared towards making those dreams one step closer to reality.

Cost of living in Perth

We are well aware that comparing cost of living metrics is not most people’s idea of fun, but it is important nonetheless. However, your version of fun might change when you hear that moving to Perth, for some of you, will be a financial win! If you are coming from Sydney or Melbourne, expect your wallets to get heavier; just as an example, rent prices in Perth are a whopping 47.85% lower than Sydney.

This table compares other cost of living metrics between Perth and the Australian average to help you gauge your budget.

MetricAustralian AveragePerth Average
Monthly rent for 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre$1,685$1,480
Price per square metre to buy in the city centre$8,135$6,897
1L of milk$1.66$1.69
Cinema ticket$18.00$18.00
0.5L of draught beer$8.00$10.00

Of course these prices are just averages. How much you actually spend will be dependent on where exactly in Perth you relocate to, and your personal lifestyle. We trust you to be thrifty!

Working in Perth

Want to work for big players in your industry? Or perhaps you prefer smaller, local business. Either way, moving to Perth provides ample opportunity for employment.

The three main service sectors in Perth are:

  • Scientific and technical services, employing 14% of Perth residents.
  • Accommodation and food services (13.6%)
  • Healthcare and social assistance (10.5%)

If you are set on moving to Perth but are yet to find employment, check out some of the following job portals to get cracking:

Remember, relocating to Perth is not going to be easy, but the best things in life come to those who are persistent and patient. You got this!

Housing in Perth

Getting a roof over your head is something of a necessity when it comes to moving to Perth. Before you jump the gun, it is important to do your research into what Perth suburb suits you and your family best. Here is a rundown of a few to get your thinking:

  • Fremantle. Situated in the south-west of Perth, live here if you are into quirky cafes and independent shops. If you are after a continental European lifestyle, but with dashings of the Perthite sun, Fremantle is the place for you.
  • Cottesloe. If beaches are a priority, then investigate Cottesloe when moving to Perth. However, be prepared for high property prices, particularly if you want to be by the sea.
  • Mount Helena. For more affordable family housing, Mount Helena is a good option. However, say goodbye to your beach dreams as this suburb is situated inland. On the plus side, there is plenty of greenspace to make up for it.

If you are still in search of a property, either to rent or to buy, the following websites may be of help to you:

Did you know? People residing in Western Australia are often referred to as Sandgropers. This comes from the name of the insects that inhabit the sandy beaches and dunes of Western Australia.

Ready for your move to Perth?

First of all, congratulations! Simply by making it through this article, you are well on your way to completing a successful move to Perth. However, there is more to moving house than simply understanding the ins and out of your destination city. We therefore encourage you to keep exploring the pages we have linked below for you. For the meantime, take it easy. Oh, and get your armour out…in 1932, Western Australians declared a war on emus. Yep, you are reading that right and better still, the emus won…