Moving to Brisbane

A Complete Guide

Thinking of moving to Brisbane? Before you can sit back, relax and soak in the city’s 280 days of sun a year, we imagine you have a few things to organise. To get those beach dreams one step closer to reality, we have put together this moving to Brisbane guide, packed with all the moving tips and tricks you need!

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How Much Does it Cost to Move to Brisbane?

Let’s talk money. While we hate to beat around the bush, providing a concrete figure on how much it costs to move to Brisbane, is not altogether straightforward. The final calculation will be dependent on several factors, most significantly the exact distance of your move and the volume of your things. Not sure how much stuff you have? Then our handy furniture volume calculator is here to the rescue!

In the meantime, in case you are tearing your hair out for some quick numbers, we have put together this table, which indicates the cost of moving to Brisbane for a 1-bedroom apartment and a 3-bedroom house, from various locations across Australia.

From1-Bed apartment3-bed house
Sydney$981 – $1,472$2,207 – $3,311
Melbourne$1,268 – $1,901$2,852 – $4,278
Adelaide$1,332 – $1,998$2,997 – $4,495
Canberra$1,253 – $1,879$2,819 – $4,228
Perth$1,508 – $2,262$3,392 – $5,089

Disclaimer: the above numbers are only estimates. Your final costs will be dependent on your exact location and the service rates of the company. The only assured way of receiving accurate figures, is to request removalist quotes from us.

These costs only refer to the rates of removalist services, and do not include other costs associated with moving house. However, if you want to create an overall moving to Brisbane budget, incorporating all the costs of moving, our removal costs page is the way to do so.

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How to Move to Brisbane Checklist

We have one golden rule when it comes to moving to Brisbane, or in fact moving to anywhere…start early! There is nothing worse that the feeling of mounting pressure on your shoulders and having to set an alarm on a Sunday to tick things of your to-do list. However, be rest assured that with some organisation and help from Sirelo, you will be moving with a smile 😊

If you fancy delving deeper into this topic, we have a thorough downloadable and interactive moving house checklist, or for a brief overview specific to moving to Brisbane, stick with us here.

Before you move:

  • Find a removalist. Get the ball rolling by exploring our list of all removalists in Australia.
  • Pack. The key to packing well is decluttering first. If you think you have decluttered, declutter again…and again. Our packing to move house guide provides expert advice.
  • Notify the relevant people. It is imperative that you let your bank, doctor and other institutions aware of your move to Brisbane. We know endless phone calls are not fun, but nothing good in life comes without patience and hard work!

Once in Brisbane:

  • Register. Be sure to deregister at your old apartment and re-register at your new one.
  • Driver’s licence. Moving to Brisbane requires you to switch over your driver’s licence to a Queensland one. So to make the most out of your new home and cruise around in your four wheels, get this sorted!
  • Healthcare. Find your new local medical services.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it gets your on the right track towards a Sirelo-style stress-free move to Brisbane! If you are relocating to Brisbane from abroad, we recommend our moving overseas checklist to answer your queries.

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Moving to Brisbane Tips

Now we have got the heavy stuff out of the way, we thought it might be handy to provide some more specific (but nonetheless useful!) tricks of the trade when it comes to moving to Brisbane.

  • Check customs rules. If you are coming from abroad, make sure you check out Australia’s quarantine rules before your travel. The last thing you want is for anything precious to get stuck at the borders.
  • Get your Go Card! This is your means to travel the city. With one of these bad boys, the world (or Brisbane at least) is your oyster.
  • Consider the weather. Queensland is called The Sunshine State for a reason; pack accordingly. The good news is, if you leave your bulky jackets and sweaters behind, the load of your things is reduced, and thus so is the cost of your move to Brisbane. A double win! 

Oh, and last but by no means least; if you want to avoid looking like a fumbling tourist, and indeed avoid missing your stop, push the exit button when getting off the train! They don’t open automatically. We told you; Sirelo’s got your back 😉

Moving to brisbane skyline

Working and Living in Brisbane

Also known as The River City, Brisbane has plenty to offer once you get there. With ample greenspace, yet a bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is time to get excited about your new home. To make the most of it, read on for advice on living and working once your move to Brisbane has been completed.

The Cost of Living in Brisbane

While it is important to understand how much it costs to move to Brisbane, it is also necessary to think about how much you are likely to spend once you get there. For this precise reason, we have created this table, comparing common cost of living metrics in Brisbane to the Australian national average.

MetricAustralian AverageBrisbane Average
Monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre$1,685$1,664
Price per square meter to buy property in the city centre$8,135$7,189
1L of milk$1.66$1.80
Cinema ticket$18.00$16.00
0.5L of draught beer$8.00$8.00

If you are moving to Brisbane from Sydney or Melbourne, it is likely that you will be pleasantly surprised by a reduction in living costs. Of course exactly how much you choose to spend with be dependent on where exactly in Brisbane you choose to relocate, and you personal lifestyle.

Working in Brisbane

You’re in luck! Brisbane has a vibrant and growing economy with ample job opportunities. We don’t understand how anyone gets any work done with gorgeous beaches so close, but such is the life of a Brisbanite.

Therefore, if you have planned to move to Brisbane, but have not yet secured employment, don’t panic. Instead, start by exploring some of the job portals below:

You can also find government assistance for jobs in Queensland if you hit a rough patch.

Housing in Brisbane

Whether you are renting or buying property upon moving to Brisbane, we thought we should impart some wisdom on the city’s property market. The good news is, housing in Brisbane is, on average, 33% cheaper than its Sydney and Melbourne counterparts. And that means more money to spend on beers and ice cream! 

If you are planning on buying a property, standard going rates are approximately $300,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. The following websites can help you on your house search journey:

Renting in Brisbane

Did you know? Brisbane is one of the cheapest cities in Australia to rent property. At this rate, we will be tagging along and moving to Brisbane with you! The average price for a unit is $390 a week, and $450 for a house.

If you are moving to Brisbane on a budget, there are ways to drive down these costs even further. Consider shared accommodation; it’s cheap, and you might meet some great people along the way! The following websites are a good way to explore this option:

Ready for your move to Brisbane?

Now you have moved to Brisbane, have a job and a roof over your head, what more could you want? Before you do anything else, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. You are one step closer to becoming an authentic Brisbanite. If you still are itching for answers to moving related queries, explore the articles we have linked for you below. For the meantime, take it easy, moving house is stressful so don’t forget to treat yourself! 🙂