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Consumers often struggle to determine the volume of their move, and movers need to go through costly assessments to provide accurate quotes. Our solution? Let the customer do the groundwork for you without them even having to leave your website, with our ready-to-install Volume Calculator.

What is the Volume Calculator?

Movers understand the importance of volume when creating a quote, but not all benefit from an accurate calculator. Our Volume Calculator enables consumers to easily determine the total volume of their possessions directly on your website.

Designed for a user-friendly experience, our Volume Calculator allows potential customers to interact with your website and offers an easy pathway for serious customers to request a quote.

In short: Our ready-to-install Volume Calculator helps you capture clients at a key point in their customer journey – at the moment when they know what they want to move.


Why Install the Volume Calculator?

When consumers can calculate their moving volume on their own, you don’t have to. Speed up the quote process with more complete quote requests from serious customers who have strongly indicated the size of their move.

  • Book more by doing less – With the moving volume in hand, you can skip the surveys and jump straight to the quotation phase, ultimately booking more moves in less time.
  • Consumer perspective – Not all calculator tools are built with the consumer in mind. Our Volume Calculator is designed with proven sets of questions, phrases, and user-friendly features to ensure that customers stay until it’s completed.
  • Focus your attention – When a customer has taken the time to complete the Volume Calculator in detail, you know they are serious. After they request a quote based on their volume, you can safely give them your full attention.

Our Volume Calculator and other online tools are part of our secret recipe to what makes us so effective as a Lead Generator. And the best part? Now you can use these on your own website.


How Does It Work?

  1. Join us for a demo call to learn how you can best implement the Volume Calculator and Online Conversion Tools on your website. Select the tools you want to use and choose between a monthly or yearly payment plan.
  2. Implement the Volume Calculator in just 30 seconds. Simply copy + paste the code and the form appears instantly on your website.
  3. Tweak the design and information to your exact preferences, then you’re good to go!

We offer free consultation throughout the process to maximise the results.


Discover the Benefits:

  • Clear & Intuitive – Expertly designed with user-experience in mind. The result? A Volume Calculator that anyone and everyone can easily use.
  • Quick to Quote – After users calculate their moving volume, they have the option to directly request a quote.
  • No Survey Required – Leads that include a volume mean that you reduce the need for surveys and can speed up the time it takes you to quote.
  • Optimised user-experience – Designed for all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop), customers enjoy a smooth and easy enquiry process.
  • CRM-ready – Compatible with most major CRM systems, you don’t have to adjust your systems for installation.


Interested in learning more?

Contact us to arrange a demo call so we can show you all the ins and outs. Speak to you soon?