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All too often do movers invest in consumers who are only curious about price but are not yet serious about moving. Our solution? Filter out price shoppers by applying a price range in their initial search with our online Price Estimator.

What is the Price Estimator?

Our Price Estimator is a two-step tool placed on your website that provides potential customers with a first price-estimation for their move. By entering their moving details (location & house size), customers receive a price range for their domestic move based on your unique rates.

If a user chooses to request a quote based on the preliminary estimate, they flow onto your quote form, which means that you’ll have everything you need to quickly close the deal.

In short: Our Price Estimator allows you to filter out price shoppers with a ready-to-install tool without needing to hire designers, developers, or marketers. How does that sound?


Why install the Price Estimator?

When a consumer is informed about the real costs of moving, they are less likely to waste your time. Without investing in costly advertising or additional sales staff, the Price Estimator gets you in contact with more serious customers in less time.

  • Book more by doing less – Avoid overhead sales costs by engaging only with serious potential customers who understand their expected moving costs.
  • Consumer perspective – Not all estimator tools are built with the consumer in mind. Our Price Estimator is designed with proven sets of question-phrases and user-friendly features to ensure it’s completed.
  • Distinguish your brand – No-obligation price estimates are in high demand among consumers. Offering an estimator tool increases the likelihood that they will move with you over your competitors.

Our Price Estimator and other online tools are part of our secret recipe to what makes us so effective as a Lead Generator. And the best part? Now you can use these on your own website.


How Does It Work?

  1. Join us for a demo call to learn how you can best implement the Price Estimator and Online Conversion Tools on your website. Select the tools you want to use and choose between a monthly or yearly payment plan.
  2. Implement the Price Estimator in just 30 seconds. Simply copy + paste the code and the form appears instantly on your website.
  3. Tweak the design and rates to your exact preferences, then you’re good to go!

We offer free consultation throughout the process to maximize the results.


Discover the Benefits:

  • Quick to Quote – After customers receive their price estimate, they have the option to directly request a more detailed quote.
  • Serious Inquiries – When consumers request a quote with an estimate already in hand, you know they are informed and intentional about their request.
  • Fully Customisable – By inputting your standard rates on key variables, you can provide accurate estimates specific to your business.
  • Optimised user-experience – Designed for all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop), customers enjoy a smooth and easy inquiry process.
  • CRM-ready – Compatible with most major CRM systems, you don’t have to adjust your systems for installation.


Interested in learning more?

Contact us to arrange a demo call so we can show you all the ins and outs. Speak to you soon?