Moving to New Zealand
Your guide for moving to Aotearoa

Keen to become a Kiwi? If you are planning on moving to New Zealand from Australia, then look no further! This page outlines everything you need to know including costs, checklists, tips, and free moving quotes. With a little help from Sirelo you will find yourself in the Land of the Long White Cloud before you know it 😉.

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The cost of moving from Australia to New Zealand

Naturally, before you even start moving to New Zealand from Australia, you’ll want to have an idea of the cost so you can budget properly for your move and avoid living off ramen for a few months. Fortunately, we investigated the price and found that you can expect to pay between $7,500 – $10,200 for an average 3-bed house move to New Zealand.

Of course, there’s a bit more to the cost of moving to New Zealand from Australia, hence the range. As such, you can take control of the international moving costs and try to find the best price for you, you just need to know understand the factors that will affect the cost of your move.

You might also like to see the cost for different size homes, which we calculated for moving from Sydney to Auckland. Also, you’ll see that a 1-bed house takes longer. This is due to the fact it usually shares a container as a 1-bed house won’t fill a container. You can read more about shipping container costs for your move from Australia to New Zealand.

Property SizeTimeAverage Cost
1-bedroom house6 – 8 weeks$3,400 – $4,800
2-bedroom house25 – 31 days$4,500 – $6,200
3-bedroom house25 – 31 days$7,500 – $10,200
4-bedroom house25 – 31 days$8,100 – $11,200
5-bedroom house25 – 31 days$11,400 – $15,500

Tip! Not sure how much stuff you have? Our handy furniture volume calculator is here to help 😎.

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Shipping furniture from Australia to New Zealand on your own can be a struggle, and that’s the last thing you need in the midst of moving stress. Thus, we recommend that you find a removalist! Just click below and Sirelo will help you find up to 5 removalist that can help you move to New Zealand.

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Moving to New Zealand from Australia checklist

It’s not all about money! Now you have a better grasp of the cost of moving to New Zealand from Australia, it is time to organise other aspects of your move. Unless you have been blessed with a photographic memory we suggest you buckle in; remembering each and every step is no mean feat!   

Before moving to New Zealand:

✔️ Important documents

While you won’t need to apply for a visa as an Australian moving to New Zealand, there are still some important documents that you’ll want to prepare before you go for administrative tasks. Be sure to keep them safe and even make duplicates!

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Academic qualifications
  • References from previous employers
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Credit references

✔️ Find a removalist

If you plan on shipping furniture from Australia to New Zealand, you’ll to make sure your belongings are well taken care. Therefore, you should consider one of the top international removalists in Australia.

✔️ Packing

Seem obvious right? If you’re moving house to New Zealand, there are likely many things you would like to bring with you. However, packing is often a bigger task than most people expect. Should you find yourself in need of guidance, read our expert packing guide for tips and tricks to make packing easier!

✔️ Car transport

If you and your four-wheels can’t bear to part ways, you’ll be glad to know that moving a car from Australia to New Zealand is possible, and a removalist can usually help. All you’ll need to do is ensure that your car is up to the standards required and you have proof of ownership. You can read more about importing a vehicle on the New Zealand’s government page.

✔️ Bringing pets?

We know how important canine and feline friends are. When moving to New Zealand from Australia, your pet does not require a permit, but will be subject to a post-arrival inspection. Make sure you are aware of this!

✔️ Banking

We have this on the ‘before’ list as NZ allows you to open a local account up to one year before relocating to New Zealand. So, for the organised among you, it’s something to tick off your to-do list ASAP. Start by exploring some of the following banks:

Moving from aus to nz

Once you arrive in New Zealand:

✔️ Residency visa

As we already mentioned, as an Australian citizen moving to New Zealand, you do not need to apply for a visa before moving. It’s handy being neighbours, right? Instead, you need to request a residency visa upon arrival. To do so, you will need your passport and Australian immigration status.

✔️ Tax number

Assuming that you plan on undertaking work when moving to New Zealand then you will require a tax number, otherwise known as an IRD.

✔️ Driving licence

Some more good news! All you have to do when moving to New Zealand from Australia in regard to your driving licence is to switch it over. All Australians are exempt from taking a theory test, and you only have to take a practical once if you have had your licence for less than two years upon arrival.

✔️ Healthcare

New Zealand doesn’t have an equivalent to Medicare, instead they offer free or subsidized healthcare if you intend on moving to New Zealand for over two years. Otherwise, you will only receive emergency cover and will be required to pay fees elsewhere. It’s also an option to avail of private healthcare provide in the country to avoid waiting times in the public system.

✔️ Superannuation

Once you are settled and working in New Zealand, a KiwiSaver account is set up for you. Usually, your employer will automatically enrol you for this, but keep your eyes peeled! It is up to you to transfer any funds from your super into your KiwiSaver.

If you are still itching for more answers, we have a more general and comprehensive moving overseas checklist which is sure to hold all the answers!

Fun fact! There are no, and when we say no we mean literally zero snakes in New Zealand. So you might want to rethink your move if that’s your thing.

Moving to New Zealand

Living and working in New Zealand

Beyond working your way through what probably feels like and endless moving to New Zealand checklist, is it also important to understand what life in Middle Earth looks like. Read on for everything you need to know!

Did you know? New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote in 1893, and this progressive attitude is still reflected in the Kiwi’s egalitarian mentality. Sounds like the place to be!

Cost of Living in New Zealand

MetricAustralian AverageNew Zealand Average
Monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre$1,684$1,507
Price per square metre to rent in the city centre$20.00$6,923
0.5L of draught beer$8.00$8.44
12 eggs$4.67$5.03
Monthly travel pass$151$157

Of course these numbers merely represent estimates. How much you actually spend will depend on where exactly you live when moving to New Zealand and your personal lifestyle.

Education in New Zealand

The perks of being an Australian citizen moving to New Zealand don’t stop just yet! Australian are treated as a domestic student from early years of learning, all the way to tertiary education.

What does this mean? It means saving money – ka-ching! You are eligible to pay domestic school fees, which usually means no fees at all, with only minor costs associated with books and other learning material.

Note! However, to be eligible for study in New Zealand on domestic fees, you must have lived there for at least three years.

Working in New Zealand

Before setting sail over the Tasman, it is important to check whether your skills are in demand if you haven’t yet secured employment. Gone are the days on New Zealand only being known for their lamb and wool; rather the economy is constantly expanding and diversifying.

If you are still seeking a job upon moving to New Zealand, consider exploring some of the following portals:

Note! Thanks to the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, New Zealand’s tourist industry is booming. Their vineyards and wineries are also world renowned and the renewable energy sector is now responsible for 60% of the country’s energy. If any of these industries are of interest to you, then moving to New Zealand can’t come soon enough!

Ready for your move to New Zealand?

Congratulations! You are officially an expert on how to move to New Zealand from Australia. While we are sure you are going to miss kangaroos and adorable koalas, moving to New Zealand is an exciting adventure, and we are sure you are going to smash it! However, it is important that you are prepped in every aspect of your move, so continue to explore the pages we have linked below for you –they’ll be super useful during your move!

In the meantime, bon voyage! We wish you every success with your move. 🙂

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