Moving to Melbourne

A Complete Guide

Keen to move to the world’s most liveable city? We don’t blame you! Known for its cultural diversity, street art and gastronomical scene, moving to Melbourne is an attractive idea for Australians and expats alike. However, moving to Melbourne does not come without twists and turns. That is why we have put together this moving to Melbourne guide, outlining all the information and tips and tricks you need!

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How Much Does it Cost to Move to Melbourne?

Whatever stage you are in the relocating to Melbourne process, you would be kidding yourself if the thought of money had not crossed your mind. However, while we hate to beat around the bush, trying to put an exact figure on a house move is like asking how long is a piece of string? The only assured way of getting accurate numbers, is to request removalist quotes from us.

Your final cost of moving to Melbourne will depend on several factors, namely the exact distance of your move, and the volume of your things. If you are not sure of the latter, our handy furniture volume calculator can do the hard work for you!

We imagine that you are still itching for some answers. To help you get an initial idea of how much it costs to move to Melbourne, we have put together this table which indicates rough prices for moving a two-bedroom house to Melbourne from various places across the country.

Moving FromMoving ToCostAverage
Western Australia (Perth)Melbourne$2,100 – $3,005~$2,552
South Australia (Adelaide)Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375~$1,397
New South Wales (Sydney)Melbourne$1,350 – $2,000~$1,675
Queensland (Brisbane)Melbourne$1,500 – $2,375~$1,937
Northern Territory (Darwin)Melbourne$3,070 – $3,795~$3,432
Tasmania (Hobart)Melbourne$2,400 – $3,875~$3,137

If this has not nipped your queries in the bud, our interstate removals page provides further figures on the cost of relocating within Australia.

Did you know? Melbourne’s birth name is Batmania! We think they should have kept it as this…much cooler than Melbourne.

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Best Removalists for Moving to Melbourne

We know the idea of putting your household possessions into the hands of a stranger is scary. Which is why Sirelo is here to guide you to ensure you find the company that matches your needs best and give you complete advice on moving to Melbourne.

There are several things you should keep an eye out for when choosing a removalist. We provide a page that outlines all the removalist companies in Australia. However, we really do not recommend a stab in the dark; instead consider some of the following criteria, and you are on your way for a smooth move to Melbourne!

  • Read their reviews. Take a look at several different reviewing platforms to get a comprehensive overview of each removalist. While you shouldn’t make rash decisions based on single reviews, if customers repeatedly reports lost or damaged belongings, it is safe to say that this probably is not the right company to help with your move to Melbourne.
  • Find out the moving cost. You can do this by requesting quotes!
  • Any specialist services? Every move is different. If you require any niche services, such as moving a grand piano or pets, it is worth checking to see which removalist offers such things.

If you are still overwhelmed by choice, we have narrowed the field for you by creating a list of all the moving companies in Melbourne.

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Moving to Melbourne: A Checklist

A million and one things on your mind? You are not alone; moving is considered the third most stressful life event! However, as always, Sirelo is here to help ease those nerves; sensing a theme here? This moving to Melbourne checklist gives you a quick look into what needs to be organised. We also have a more comprehensive general moving checklist if this one doesn’t quite cut it.

  • Find your removalist. We have already highlighted the importance of this, but we cannot stress this enough. Note that the sooner you start looking the more choices you will have.
  • Pack. Did you know that the average number of boxes required for a move is 60? Yes six, zero! That’s not something you want to leave to the last minute, so starting this early is a number one moving to Melbourne tip. Not sure where to begin? Our packing to move house guide is here to help.

Tip! Make sure you account for Melbourne’s unpredictable climate when packing. The hottest days every recorded was a whopping 46.4C, and the coldest -2.8C. You’ll need more than bikinis and thongs.

  • Notify the relevant people. All of your service providers will need to know of your change of address, no matter how near or far they are coming from. This includes your bank, GP and also utilities. We have a whole page dedicated to moving house utilities for further information.
  • Register. Be sure to de-register at your old apartment and register at your new one.
  • Moving your pets? We know how attached one can be to furry friends, so factor in how to bring them with you when moving to Melbourne. If you are travelling by car it is easy enough for them to hop in with you, but getting them on a plane can be more of a logistical challenge.
  • Moving your car. Again, if you are driving to your new home, it is impossible for your four-wheels to get left behind. However, if this is not the case transporting a vehicle can be a challenge. Consider this when relocating to Melbourne.
  • Switch your driver’s licence. This has to be done within three months of arriving in Victoria.

This is by no means a exhaustive list, but we hope it’s jogged your memory to consider the ins and outs of how to move to Melbourne a little more. If you are moving to Melbourne from outside Australia, we recommend instead checking out our moving overseas checklist.

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Life and Work in Melbourne

Right-o, now the heavy business is out of the way, it is time to learn about what your life might look like once you complete your move to Melbourne. If you aren’t excited yet, this ought to do it: did you know that Melbourne is the city with the most restaurants, cafés and bars per capita in the world!

The Cost of Living in Melbourne

As one of Australia’s cultural hubs, and the second largest city in the country by population, it is inevitable that the cost of living in Melbourne is higher than the national average. This is something you might want to factor in when working out how to move to Melbourne. While only you know how frivolous you are, we feel obliged to give you a heads-up on living costs in Melbourne. This table compares common cost of living metrics with the Australian average.

MetricAustralian AverageMelbourne Average
Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre$1,685$1,833
Price/ square meter to buy in the city centre$8,131$9,852
1L of milk$1.66$1.59
Cinema ticket$18.00$20.00
0.5L of draught beer$8.00$10.00

While we know this makes for slightly grim reading, don’t be disheartened! Just count your lucky stars you are not moving to Melbourne before 1966; before this date, it was mandatory for pubs in Melbourne to close at 6pm!

Housing in Melbourne

As we’ve learnt, the attractiveness of Melbourne comes at a price. However,  Melbourne is also known for its beautiful, leafy suburbs, including:

  • Carlton/Fitzroy – inner north, great café culture.
  • Albert Park – close to the beach, full of young professionals.
  • South Yarra – affluent area, great for shopping.
  • St Kilda – beach, backpacker culture with great cafes.
  • Richmond – multicultural, great café culture.
  • Brunswick – multicultural, full of vegan cafes.
  • Yarraville – community, village feel.

If you are looking for an apartment in Melbourne, you should start early. There are various websites where new houses and apartments to rent and buy are published daily, including:

Working in Melbourne

Melbourne was the first city in the world to truly champion the eight-hour working day, and stress the importance of eight-hours sleep and eight-hours play for a balanced lifestyle. That’s a work culture anyone in their right mind would want to get on board with! If you intend on working once you move to Melbourne, consider the following employment facts and statistics to get you on the right path:

  • These are the sectors that employ the most Melbournians:
    • Health Care and Social Assistance.
    • Retail Trade.
    • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.
    • Education and Training.
    • Construction.
  • The median total income is $46,543 per annum.
  • The city of Melbourne makes up 7% of the entire Australian economy.
  • Women compromise 47.1% of the workforce in Melbourne.

If you are in search of employment before moving to Melbourne, the best way to get started is to join and explore one or some of the following job search sites:

Transportation in Melbourne

Melbourne’s web of public transport is a great way to see all the city has to offer. The tram network reigns supreme as the world’s largest network outside Europe!

All you need to do to make use of this is to get yourself a Myki card, which you top up to get access to the city’s transport services. Easy as you like! So easy in fact that we suggest this isn’t something you worry about before your move to Melbourne, but simply sort it out upon arrival.

Ready for a move to Melbourne?

First of all, congratulations! You are well on your way to completing a hassle-free move to Melbourne and taking advantage of all that this wonderful city has to offer. We hope this article has offered some clarity, however if not, we won’t take it personally 😉 Instead, perhaps consider exploring some of the other pages we have linked for you below to help you move with a smile.

For the meantime, sit back and take it easy, you are well on your way to becoming an authentic Melbournian!