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Moving from Australia to New Zealand

We recently asked Tom Summerfield to tell us about his experience moving from Australia to New Zealand. Find out what he had to say about his moving experience first-hand!

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So, to start – tell us a bit about yourself!

We actually shifted initially to Australia in 2003, then we came back to Christchurch in 2010. But then in 2011 there was a massive earthquake in Christchurch, so my partner’s son convinced us to go back to Australia again. Finally we are now back in New Zealand – it’s our home and we both wanted to come back, so we’re very happy. As you can tell, we’ve used a couple of moving companies, so we knew what was involved!

What made you decide to move to New Zealand?

We wanted to come back to our home for retirement. It was also getting too hot in Brisbane in the summer, so we decided to come back to more of a livable climate!

When did you start planning your move?

About a year ago we started thinking about it and talking about it, and then about six months ago we started looking at quotes online. You then put us in contact with five or six companies and we booked a mover through you then.

Did you have any concerns about moving?

No, we knew what to do when we left Australia as we were returning home. The guy that came round to the house also checked everything out and he made us feel so at ease, it was like we knew him. He was just very good. He gave us a quote and we were very happy with the price since we knew exactly what we wanted. Although, we had to adjust the final price as we had bought a new washing machine – although it was still cheaper than buying one here!

What did you research before you moved?

We are both retired so there wasn’t much to worry about in terms of researching visas, taxes, education, etc. But it’s our home, so we knew exactly what we were signing up for.

How did you choose your removal company?

They all gave us ideas of what it would cost, and I thought if I could get it for roughly $3000 I would be happy! We also checked some reviews, and we made sure they were worldwide movers as we didn’t want to go with a company that wasn’t reputable – you hear about companies that load up your furniture and take it all away and you never see it again!

What were things you didn’t realize you had to prepare before your move?

The moving company took care of everything including the port charges. All we had to pay was for some government fumigation which is standard when you arrive at the port, which cost $350.

What admin did you have to prepare?

We were living with my partner’s son so we didn’t have to worry about anything like cancelling rent or utilities. I only had to sort out my cell phone which was easy as I was able to cancel a month in advance.

How did you find the packing process?

We asked if we could pack a few things ourselves – we packed about five boxes including pillows and all of our kitchenware. Then a couple of guys came and packed everything and wrapped it very well, and took it away the same day.

Did everything go according to plan?

Yes – they even contacted us to let us know our stuff was on its way, but it had in fact already arrived in Christchurch by then! We used OSS World Movers and I would recommend them to anyone who was wanting to shift. We only had to get insured for if the ship sunk – nothing was broken whatsoever.

Did your move cost as much as you thought?

It was about $3500 including insurance, which we were very happy with!

How long did it take for your things to arrive?

From house to house, probably about 4-5 weeks. We had a shared 40 ft container so they had to fill the rest of it, and when that was all done they sent it on its way!

What was something you wish you had known before you moved? Do you have any advice?

Go to a reputable moving company like OSS World Movers and they do everything for you.

Thanks Tom! We wish you the best of luck in Christchurch!

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