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Santa Fe Relocation Services Australia is located in Melbourne (Victoria).


Acacia Ridge
18 Paradise Road, QLD, 4110, Acacia Ridge
+61 7 3373 9300
5/328 Brisbane Road, QLD, 4214, Arundel
+61 7 56766496
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We do not know whether this moving company subcontracts the moves or executes them with their staff and vans.
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I have moved internationally 6 times and used various companies. Please NEVER use Santa Fe. They are the worst I have ever used. I will never use them again. They are absolutely crooks in my opinion. I used Santa Fe to move from California to Mexico City. I gave extremely detailed info including all items, all item sizes, and photos of everything - they told me they never got such great info. They quoted $7700 all inclusive. I insisted they put the estimated arrival date in the quote before I agreed to pay as this was critical. They were to pick up on Dec 30 and deliver by Jan 14 with a buffer until maximum delivery of Jan 25 only in case problems in customs. They told me my volume would fill up half a container so would be combined with another container already scheduled to cross the border Jan 4. So definitely my stuff would cross the border Jan 4. On the packing day they took FOREVER and packed up with so much extraneous stuff that they artificially increased the volume. And then even though I sent photos of the TV mounted on a wall, they claimed they needed to charge me extra $150 to unmount it. After my stuff was in their warehouse and too late for me to use another company they claimed they had to increase my fee by $1058 USD because they had artificially increased the volume in their horrible packing. Then they delayed my shipment to cross the border completely on their side for no reason at all until Jan 25!! My stuff didnt even cross the border until Jan 25 - it only took 1 day and 1 day later it was in Mexico city, but then they refused to deliver to my apartment until Feb 5. I was calling every day and emailing and they were telling me lies the whole time that my stuff had already started customs when it had not. I started trying to escalate higher and higher in the company, begging them to either speed up or offer a discount for their poor service. They refused to do anything to help. When my stuff arrived on Feb 5 to my apartment the crew refused to help with anything. Even though I had paid for them to pack and unpack everything, the arrival crew only brought things up to my apartment. I was the one that had to unwrap everything, I was the one that had to put together the furniture, and I was the one that had to clean up the trash from the packing - they absolutely refused to do anything. And several items ended up broken from their terrible service. Even though I had paid $500 of move insurance which was supposed to cover up to $200K USD of damage, they informed me I was unlikely to get anything for that and some insane process that needed to be completed or they wont cover anything. Then I tried to ask for a receipt of everything I had paid at least - I had been asking for that since early January - took them 6 weeks to even provide a receipt - and then it was wrong. I had to tell them what I paid and tell them how to write a receipt. Again, I requested any kind of discount, and they refused. Horrible service. I highly caution you against using this awful company.
Moved from Dublin (United States) to Mexico City (Mexico)

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